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Rentokil Property Care Reviews

From initial contact, through to treatment and aftercare, our team at Rentokil Property Care always go above and beyond for our customers. For this reason we invite our customers to leave their comments on our services including reviews for damp proofing, woodworm treatment and wood rot treatment.

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Our Favourite Reviews!

Damp Proofing Reviews

Our damp proofing reviews cover a range of treatments including rising damp reviews and penetrating damp testimonials.  

Basement Tanking Reviews

Our reviews for basement tanking provide you with piece of mind when it comes to transforming your damp basements into bright habitable living spaces.

Woodworm Treatment Reviews

Woodworm can become a serious problem if not acted upon quickly, our woodworm treatment reviews will provide you with transparency allowing you to make a quick and informed decision around our service.

Rot Treatment Reviews

Fungal decay can be a cause for concern for many property owners, however, our wood rot treatment reviews can help you put your mind at ease. 


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