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Non-toxic Rat Riddance Connect

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Rat Riddance Connect

Non-toxic Rat Riddance Connect sits within our family of digitally ‘connected’ rodent control solutions. It is part of Rentokil's award winning PestConnect system, which includes RADAR Connect and Dual AutoGate Connect. An innovative and rigorously tested rat snap trap developed to meet the needs of businesses that require a non-tox solution to protect their premises from internal rat activity.

A Non-tox Connected Internal Rat Solution

This non-toxic solution provides discreet and continuous 24/7 internal monitoring, thus minimising the risk associated with rats. Rat Riddance Connect is able to send immediate notification of a rat capture, which ensures a rapid response from Rentokil technicians, who will remove the rodent, reset the trap and inspect the area to determine points of rat entry and then recommend preventative measures to enhance the potection of your premises. The PestConnect system offers additional benefits via the myRentokil portal, providing easy-to-access, detailed online reporting for auditing and analysis. PestConnect also helps provide additional assurance to third-party auditors of audit compliance.

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Tighter restrictions on internal and external baiting set out by the CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) guidelines are in place in the UK to reduce the risk of 'non target' species poisoning which can lead to secondary poisoning of protected birds (such as barn owls and falcons). Our non-toxic rat snap traps meet regulatory compliance for internal rat control, ensuring peace of mind for customers that are required to implement a non-toxic solution to maintain a zero tolerance policy towards rodent pests.