RADAR Connect 24/7 mouse monitoring and control

Non-tox RADAR Connect

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RADAR Connect

RADAR Connect forms part of our award winning digital 24/7 PestConnect system. It’s designed for businesses with a zero tolerance for rodent pests - delivering continuous monitoring via myRentokil and immediate, non-toxic, discreet elimination and containment of mice. RADAR can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management solution for rodents in conjunction with Rat Riddance Connect and Dual AutoGate Connect.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Her Majesty The Queen recognised Rentokil Initial plc for its leadership position in product and digital innovation in commercial pest control. This prestigious award was given to our PestConnect range of digital pest control products, which includes AutoGate Dual Connect for rodents and RADAR Connect our non-toxic solution for mice.   

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RADAR non-tox mouse trap

RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance) non-tox mouse trap is designed specifically for high risk business environments. These bait free, humane mouse trap units are specifically designed for sensitive internal areas, where the use of rodenticide is not an option.

Our BPCA certified technicians install RADAR units in the most appropriate locations throughout your premise. The mouse traps are placed discreetly at wall / floor junctions, are unobtrusive and hygienic and will not cause disruption to your business. 

The units work by having an entrance at both ends, allowing mice to enter from either direction. When the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it is hygienically sealed inside the unit. Carbon dioxide is then released into the sealed container causing rapid Hypercarbia. This is widely recognised as a humane method of control. When activated by a mouse a light illuminates on the trap to indicate capture and an instant alert is sent directly to the Rentokil technician, who will promptly contact you and arrange to discreetly remove the mouse and reset the unit. They will also inspect the area to determine point of entry and recommend preventive measures.  

RADAR units are suitable for all businesses, especially those looking to reduce their environmental impact by using non-toxic alternatives to pesticides, and those with sensitive environments that have zero tolerance for mice, such as:

  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Telecommunications
  • Education and health establishments
  • Office environments
  • Warehousing and storage

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Benefits of RADAR Connect mouse traps

Using RADAR Connect as part of your integrated pest management can help you mitigate the risk of rodent infestations:

  • Effective and immediate treatment - a bait free, humane mouse trap that discreetly captures, eliminates and hygienically contains mice, reducing risks of contamination
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring - using a digitally connected solution that remotely monitors your facilities with maximum efficiency
  • Designed for sensitive internal locations - a bait free, hygienically sealed mouse control solution for use in areas where rodenticide is not an option
  • Non toxic solution - as rodenticide is not used in RADAR traps to control mice there is no risk of secondary poisoning or non target species poisoning