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Sewer Rat Drain Solutions

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Sewer Rat Drain Solutions


Brown rats can exploit public sewers, accessing your premises unnoticed through damaged, defective or open drains. Their adept swimming and digging skills can lead to significant damage to your building's infractructure.

Rentokil offer a range of effective sewer rat solutions to monitor for and protect against rodent activity within your drains before they can cause extensive damage to your property.


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How do rats enter my property from underground?

Sewer's are a rat's paradise, making the sewer rat problem almost universal. Rodents thrive in these subterranean passageways that provide endless shelter and easy access to food. While not as common a problem, rats can get in to your drains, from the sewage system that leads to your property and infest the drainage network under your premises.

A rat infestation can cause significant damage to your drains and pipes, and lead to problems like blockages, leaks and potential entry into the structure of your property:

  • Gnawing through pipe joints to access voids between walls, and under floorboards
  • Squeezing through tight spaces due to their flexible vertebrae to gain access via cracks or holes in maintenance chambers (manholes)

Sewer rats can also gain access to your premises when a downstairs toilet, stack pipe or gulley is moved, but the associated pipework underground is left open or uncapped.

Older properties with clay pipes (used to tranfer waste under the footprint of the premises) can crack, collapse or sections can come apart as they age, allowing rats to emerge under the suspended floor timbers. Modern plastic pipework may fair no better, as persistant rats can eventually gnaw through the more vulnerable joints to get in.

CCTV Drain Surveys for Rats

So, what can you do if you suspect or are concerned that sewer rats are infesting your drains?

Through our nationwide network of associates we can offer, cost-effective CCTV camera drain surveys, to monitor for and detect rodent activity and potential damage within your drains. The survey helps identify the root causes of sewer rat infestations, such as cracked, defective or collapsed pipework. These practical camera surveys also assist:

  • Early detection of rat activity - allowing for quicker treatment of infestations before they can esculate.
  • Efficient and accurate CCTV - pinpoints the location of any rat invasion, and access damage points to allow highly targeted pest control treatment, and highlights exactly where any remedial works and repairs are needed.
  • Data-driven informed decisions - using the CCTV footage to analyse and provide insights into the rodent's behaviour, which will guide expert decision making on the most tailored and effective approach to maximise the effectiveness of the rodent control.

Rat Drain Monitoring and Baiting Service

The purpose of Rentokil's Rat Drain Baiting Service is two-fold:

Monitoring for Rat Activity:

The service acts as a monitoring tool to detect any intruding rats within your sewer system. By placing specialist tethered bait stations strategically within the drains, that will identify if any rats are present and foraging in the area.

Rodent Control Measures:

If rats are active and detected, the service also serves as an effective control measure. The rat baits used are formulated to effectively control their population, ultimately reducing rodent numbers.

By combining monitoring and baiting control measures, our drain baiting service helps with identifying rat infestations at the earliest opportunity and taking appropriate actions to mitigate the problem swiftly. This service aims to prevent further damage to your drain infrastruture, protect against potential health risks, and ensure the overall integrity of your drainage system.

Non-return Rat Drain Valve Installation

Rodent prevention is always better than cure!

Our non-return drain valves act as a constructive barrier to prevent rats from entering your drainage system. They help stop rats sneaking in to your drains through public sewers. This helps to reduce rat infestations and the associated damage these rodents can cause to your drains and property. In addition to keeping rats out, non-return drain valves also help to preserve the integrity of the drainage infrastructure.This can potentially reduce the need for expensive repairs and maintenance that may be required due to rat-induced damage.

Overall, non-return drain valves play a crucial role in rat prevention, and maintaining the efficency and reliability of your sewer infrastructure. Acting as a physical barrier to keep rats out of your drainage system, protecting both your property and the sewer infrastructure from potential damage. Our non-return drain valves are designed to fit a wider variety of drains sizes and are more durable.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.