Timber Resin Repairs

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Timber Resin Repairs

Damage caused by woodworm and wood decay often results in the need to replace weakened timbers. Traditionally this has required total replacement, or the use of steel plates, or bolting wood onto the affected timbers. These methods can involve disturbing undamaged timbers, brickwork and plasterwork to complete the work. They can also detract from the appearance of the timbers if they are exposed beams.

Benefits of Timber Resin Repair

  • Cost Effective - Compared to complete replacement of the support structure.

  • Peace of Mind - Replacement timber is pre-treated to reduce the risk of future decay by wood-boring insects and damp.

  • Less Disruption - Timber resin repairs can be completed more swiftly than complete structural replacement.

How our Technique Works

  • Damaged timbers are cut away and connector slots cut into the undamaged parent timber.

  • New tailored made section or 'splice' (with steel rods factory fitted) are attached to undamaged parent timber via the connector slots.

  • These slots are then filled with the epoxy resin, which forms a very comprehensive bond to both sections of timber.

  • The new timber splice can be painted or varnished to sympathetically blend in with the surrounding wood.

Timber Resin Splice

Our unique solution is to use timber resin splice bonds with reinforcement rods. This allows the repair of structural timbers without the expense or disruption of replacing the whole timber support.

Part of this solution involves creating a section to match the decayed area that was removed. This new section is then joined to the original wood using steel rods bonded to the timber, requiring much less resin.

This epoxy resin forms a very tight, strong bond between the original and repaired timbers. A key advantage of this solution is that the new section can be made from a similar timber to the original, so that it can be stained or painted to match the surrounding wood.

This is ideal for use in listed or historic buildings, as much of the original timber, walls and ceiling plaster surrounding the affected area can be retained - if sufficient access to carry out the repairs is possible. Call us free on 0800 0121 437 to benefit from our timber resin solutions.