Cavity Wall Ties

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Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties are metal strips or bars built into the cavity walls as a building is constructed, to hold the masonry together. Wall ties are essential to the safety and stability of all cavity walls.

Cavity wall tie corrosion occurs when the wall ties embedded in a wall corrode because their protective coating breaks down. This can seriously damage external walls and could, in some cases, make a building unstable.

Wall ties are commonly made from iron and steel, which eventually corrode in damp conditions, so are often galvanised to resist corrosion. However over time, the galvanising can break down leading to wall tie failure. Properties that were built with mild-steel ‘fishtail’ ties (between 1920’s  - 50’s) or those with galvanised wire ‘butterfly’ ties (between 1960’s – 80’s) are often susceptible to corrosion.

How to Identify Cavity Wall Tie Failure

There are a few signs to check for if you think your property is affected:

  • Horizontal Cracks - in mortar, often at high level, caused by expansion of corroded wall ties.

  • Bulging brickwork - caused by snapped wall ties, which have corroded. This can make your property unstable.

Arrange a Wall Ties Survey

If you think you have identified a potential problem in your property, then simply give us a call on 0800 0121 437 to arrange for one of our trained surveyors to come and visit. They will carry out a thorough survey of your property to establish whether there is an issue and highlight if any remedial work is required.

Our survey includes:

  • Inspecting a selection of wall ties with an endoscope.
  • Identify any cracks and damage to brickwork.
  • Provide advice and a quote on effective treatment for wall tie failure.

Wall Tie Replacement

If a problem with wall tie corrosion has been identified, our specialist technicians are fully trained PCA certified to effectively treat the problem by replacing corroded wall ties.

This treatment includes:

  • Drilling holes in appropriate areas of brickwork for access to wall ties.
  • Installation of new stainless steel wall ties, which do not corrode.
  • Isolate existing wall ties to prevent further damage.
  • Preserving the facade of your property – cover drilled holes to match the existing wall appearance.

We provide a 25-year guarantee for our work that can be passed to future owners of the property. We also offer a Rentokil Insurance policy to cover untreated areas for wall tie replacements. Call Rentokil today on 0800 0121 437 to arrange a survey.