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What is a Damp Survey?

A damp survey is a specific type of survey where a damp surveyor will inspect a property for suspect signs of damp. The main types of damp that can occur in a property is condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp. The surveyor will be able to distinguish between these damp issues and also identify if the damp has resulted in any timber decay caused by dry rot or wet rot.

At Rentokil Property Care, our damp surveyors provide effective and professional damp surveys for all types of properties, both residential and commercial.

Our damp surveyors are "Certificated Surveyors of Timber & Dampness in Buildings" (CSTDB). CSTDB, previously named CSRT (Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment) is recognised in the property preservation industry nationwide. This ensures that the highest professional standards are being met.

Damp Survey from Rentokil Property Care

Our qualified damp surveyors will:

  • Identify type of damp - Our surveyor will investigate the damp problems in your property and identify the type of damp that is present.
  • Cause of damp - The cause will be determined by finding the source of moisture.
  • Damp proofing - Depending on the type of damp, the damp proof course (DPC) will be inspected to ensure it is not broken or bridged.
  • Timber decay -  Inspect the building's structure and establish if the damp has resulted in dry rot or wet rot. Damp timber can also attract woodworm which our surveyor will be able to identify.
  • Treatment plan - Following the damp survey, our surveyor will provide a detailed written report with a proposed treatment plan specifically tailored to your property. 

What goes into a Damp Report?

A comprehensive damp and timber report will be sent to you via email within 72 hours of your damp survey.

The damp report will detail all the findings of the survey and highlight the causes of the damp problem. The causes of damp vary depending on the type of damp present in your property. Condensation is caused from excess moisture or a ventilation issue. Ineffective damp proofing causes rising damp where a damp proof course is broken or bridged. This is common in old buildings where a broken damp proof course allows moisture to enter the ground level of a property. Penetrating damp is caused from a property defect that results in water ingress from the external walls into your property.

Depending on the type of damp problems in your property, the surveyor will put together a proposed damp treatment plan. The damp treatment plan will cover all remedial work needed to be done and include a quote for repairs. 

How much does a Damp Survey Cost?

It is difficult to estimate the cost for a damp survey as the cost varies due to a number of factors such as the size of the property and its location. However, if you fill in our book a survey online form, you will receive a quote for the survey before payment is required.

Once a property survey has taken place, the cost of works will be determined by the scale of treatment required. This is because the costs of treating ineffective damp proofing will vary from the cost of fixing structural issues.

Do I need a Damp Survey?

Depending on the issue, it is possible that you may not need a damp survey and can try some DIY methods instead. For example, a  condensation or mould issue may be treated by improving the ventilation in your home. Reducing the amount of excess moisture caused by everyday living can help reduce the likelihood of black mould. However, if you are unsure about what you are looking for, we would recommend consulting a damp surveyor about organising a survey. A professionally qualified damp surveyor can offer professional advice and solutions whereas someone inexperienced may misdiagnose the problem. If you have a condensation issue that you cannot solve yourself, or issues with damp proofing, woodworm or structural issues, we would recommend you speak to a damp surveyor for peace of mind.

What are the Signs of Dampness?

Problems with dampness can vary in appearance and severity, so it can be difficult to identify exactly what is causing the stains and patches on your walls. We would recommend getting a survey, particularly if you notice any of the following:

  • Wet and damaged plaster.
  • Wallpaper peeling from the wall.
  • Musty/mouldy odours.
  • Black mould on the walls and windowsills.
  • Damp stains rising from the ground floor to about one metre in height.
  • Walls that feel damp to the touch.

How to Choose a Damp Surveyor?

The most important factors to consider when choosing a surveyor are their qualifications and accreditations. Using a Property Care Association member gives you peace of mind they meet the highest of industry standards. Before booking a survey, you should ensure they have the minimum CSTDB qualification.

Can I Get a Mortgage on a Property with Damp Issues?

Mortgage lenders may be less likely to accept a mortgage if there is extensive and costly repairs required. You may also find prospective buyers make lower offers on a property if a damp survey has revealed a build up of damp related issues. If you are thinking about selling your home, we'd always recommend you treat these issues first in order to make your property as appealing as possible when it goes to market

Do you Have Damp Proofing Specialists Near me?

Our damp proofing specialists work from a network of local branches conducting damp surveys all over the UK so no matter where you are, our specialists will be capable of conducting a damp survey on your property.

Book a Damp Survey

It is important not to ignore damp issues in your property as the longer it is left untreated, the more costly it can become to repair. Call us now on 0808 134 8095 to speak to our damp specialists. Our damp specialists will be able to advise on the common signs of condensation, rising and penetrating damp, rot and woodworm and establish if you need a damp or timber survey. You can also book a survey online for a £25 discount.

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