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Woodworm Treatment

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Woodworm Treatment

Rentokil Property Care have developed woodworm treatments that effectively eliminate pest issues in properties of all ages and sizes. Our surveyors and technicians are among the most experienced and qualified in the business. Best of all our treatments are fully backed up with our 30 year guarantee.

If you suspect your property has a woodworm problem then please do not hesitate to contact our professional team today. We can have one of our local surveyors out to see you soon and start the process of eliminating woodworm from your property.

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How To Treat Woodworm

Treating woodworm can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding the most suitable treatment procedure for your property. This is why we offer three specialist woodworm treatments that deal with woodworm within any property

    • Water based woodworm treatment - This highly effective and odourless solution is sprayed into the timber and will remain in the layers of timber and woodworm flight holes to prevent any future infestations. This solution also allows you to re-enter the treated area a short time after the treatment is completed.
    • Fogging treatment - Rentokil's unique fogging systems are often used to treat under flooring and floorboards. By lifting one length of floorboard for access, this treatment allows carpets and furniture to be left indoors during the treatment. Treated rooms can be back in use within a few hours of woodworm treatment.
    • Fumigation treatment - ProFume is a specialist fumigation treatment which is exclusive to Rentokil in the UK. The fumigation process is mainly used for our commercial premises and will effectively treat woodworm with no damage to property. Learn more »

Woodworm Treatment Survey Process

Our experienced and highly qualified surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection of your property in order to determine the best course of treatment for your property.  Rentokil woodworm surveys are conducted by expert surveyors which is why you can be sure our woodworm treatment surveys are as detailed as possible.

Our Survey Process

    1. Initial Assessment - A phone call from your local surveyor will allow you the opportunity to outline all issues you believe you have.

    2. Arranging a Survey - If our surveyor believes you could have an infestation they will arrange a time & date best suited for you.

    3. Property Visit - Your surveyor will accompany you to the property where they will conduct a survey informing you of any issues found.

    4. Final Report - A written report will sent to you by post or e-mail to you outlining the issues identified and giving you the cost of repairs.

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Rentokil Property Care offers woodworm treatment for domestic and commercial premises - No property is too big or too small!

To book a survey with a qualified expert from your local branch click the button below to book a survey online or call us today on 0800 0121 437 to arrange a survey.

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