Tanking Membrane

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Tanking Membrane

At Rentokil Property Care we use a range of high quality tanking membranes that are specifically designed to prevent water ingress in basements and cellars.

Our versatile cavity drain and tanking membranes work alongside drainage and pumps to form a complete water management system that is ideal for keeping basements dry. Best of all, if you are considering a basement conversion, our tanking membrane can have render or plaster finishes applied directly to it or it can be used behind false walls or galvanised steel trunking.

Tanking membranes can also be used in commercial premises to waterproof floors, crawlspaces, storage areas and tunnels.

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What is Tanking Membrane?

Tanking membrane is essentially a studded sheet of waterproof plastic that will manage any water ingress into foundations, basements and cellars. The studs raise the membrane from the wall and channel any water ingress into an appropriate drainage channel and away from the property.

Tanking Membrane or Cement?

Tanking membrane and cement tanking both have their uses when it comes to keeping basements and cellars dry, however they both work in very different ways.

Cementitious tanking forms a barrier that holds water ingress back and this can be ideal in the correct circumstances. However, cementitious tanking can crack and leak if it is exposed to extreme hydrostatic pressure or constant ground vibrations. This makes it a less than perfect solution for properties situated near busy roads or underground railways for example.

Tanking membrane systems are not concerned by water pressure or cracks because they control any water that gets through the earth retaining wall. This makes membrane a good option when cementitious tanking has failed in the past.

The expert surveyors at Rentokil Property Care will be able to recommend the best solution for your basement or cellar.

Tanking Membrane for Walls

In the majority of cases, tanking membrane is applied to internal walls. When tanking membrane is applied to walls it creates a cavity between the membrane and the leaking wall. The cavity created by the tanking membrane provides a free space for any water to be channelled away to the sump pump system.

How to Install Tanking Membrane

When Rentokil Property Care install a tanking membrane solution we will prepare the walls by removing any contaminated, damaged or loose plaster and levelling any rough edges or depressions to create a smooth surface for the membrane to rest against. We will also treat any moulds, fungus or other contaminants where appropriate.

Once the area is prepared our technicians will fit the tanking membrane against the wall and drill specially designed studs that will hold fixings that secure the membrane to the wall. When fixing the membrane the sheets will overlap and joins need to be sealed with waterproof tape to avoid any gaps.

As you can see, despite being a simple material, there is a lot of work involved in properly installing tanking membrane. This is why we would recommend using qualified professionals every time.

Is Tanking Membrane Necessary?

While membranes are not the only waterproofing solution on the market, we would say that tanking membrane is necessary when water ingress needs to be managed as opposed to held back.

If a cementitious tanking barrier has not worked, tanking membrane in conjunction with appropriate drainage is one of the most effective ways to maintain a dry and habitable basement or cellar.

Professional Installation of Tanking Membrane

Rentokil Property Care have the qualifications, training and experience to properly install a tanking membrane solution to your basement or cellar.

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