Rentokil AutoGate Dual Internal Rat Monitoring and Control

AutoGate Connect Internal Rodent Monitoring & Control

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Internal Dual AutoGate Connect (Intelligent Rodent Monitoring and Control)

Rodents can get in your business premise at any level, through a broken sewer pipe or drain, an open door, window or loading bay, or through gaps in the eaves of the roof or cladding.

Protecting your premises from the damage caused by rodent activity is important for any business. Not only external protection to help prevent rats and mice entering your property, but internally as well if they manage to sneak in.

It’s vital to know as early as possible if you have an internal rodent issue, making constant surveillence an essential part of interior rodent control. This means action can be swiftly taken to eliminate the problem before costly damage is done to telecommunications systems and cabling as well as potential contamination and damage to stock, food stuffs, packaging and equipment.

Internal Dual AutoGate Connect allows in-depth 24/7 monitoring of any rodent activity within your premises. It provides detailed information on internal rat and mouse activity levels, as it records the volume of activations and time since last activation. This critical data can be quickly analysed via myRentokil, allowing you and Rentokil vital insights into the extent of any activity and drives informed decisions on the most appropriate and targeted programme of strategic internal baiting to quickly eliminate any rodent infestation.


Intelligent Intramural Rodent Monitoring

The Internal Dual AutoGate Connect system provides PestConnect customers with an early warning, monitoring system with honed internal control against rats, as well as mouse activity. Internal Dual AutoGate Connect is able to surveil, detect and respond to the presence of both mice and rats, having differing sensors which can be set to monitor 'only rats' or 'both rats and mice'. This offers greater flexibility in protecting your business premise from rodents.

Internal AutoGate Connect units operate a ‘smart’ gate mechanism - securing pesticides and protecting non-target species, children and pets from the sub-acute rodenticide contained within. This reduces the risk of accidental poisonings. It will only activate when specifically triggered by a rodent. The robust casing protects the Internal Dual AutoGate from damage and allows the units to be used safely and securely inside business premises from offices through to warehouses, distribution centres, factories, industrial spaces and food processing businesses.

Benefits of Internal Dual AutoGate (IDAG) Connect

  • IDAG Connect gives in-depth 24/7 rodent monitoring – providing vital insights on rat and mouse activity via myRentokil to drive informed decisions on immediate, targeted control.
  • Interior mouse and rat infestations controlled swiftly - as Internal AutoGate Connect enables strategic intramural baiting for rodents

  • Highly targeted interior baiting programme - with reduced impact on the environment (less risk of bait spillages)

  • Safer and more sustainable use of pesticides – Internal AutoGate Dual Connect allows highly targeted use of rodenticide in high risk areas, where non-target species, children and pets may be present in line with CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) guidelines.

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