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Cavity Wall Ties

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Cavity Wall Tie Corrosion

Cavity wall ties are built into cavity walls to help hold the masonry walls in place. Potentially these wall ties can corrode and snap with age, which can seriously damage external walls, in severe cases affecting the stability of a building. Signs of a possible problem with cavity wall tie corrosion include horizontal cracks within the mortar and bulging brickwork caused by snapped wall ties.

Many insurance policies don’t offer cover for cavity wall tie corrosion; therefore we are able to provide specialist insurance to cover the replacement of wall ties affected by corrosion damage. Our comprehensive insurance covers the following elements of wall tie replacement treatment and includes inspections when necessary by our trained assessors to discover the full extent of any potential corrosion issue.

What is covered by our Wall Tie Corrosion Insurance

    1. Inspections when necessary, to discover the extent of the corrosion problem.
    2. Replacement and Installation of new wall ties in masonry cavity walls where necessary, in accordance with Building Research Establishment Digest 329.
    3. Repairing a wall, or any part of a wall, where we removed bricks or blocks so that we could replace a wall tie.

Specific Requirements

During the period of insurance cover, it is a specific requirement that you must not fill wall cavities with insulation without our prior written permission. If you do not receive our written permission we may refuse a claim.

Terms & Conditions apply.