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Garden mole control for your business

If your business has a garden, agricultural or woodland area, it’s likely that you take pride in them as an attractive feature to your business.  The consequences of a mole problem like this can be extensive, affecting both reputation and turnover.

Consequences of a Mole Problem

  • Deterioration of turfed areas such as golfing greens and fairways, cricket pitches, sports fields and formal lawns which are costly to repair.

  • Damage to expensive machinery such as mowing machines and harvesting equipment from debris brought up from sub-soil.

  • Disfiguration of formal lawns and gardens with mole hills, ridges and damaged plants are costly to mend and will deter visitors, potentially leading to a loss of custom.

Only a robust, professional mole control programme can provide reassuring protection from the risk of moles on your premises.

Rentokil’s Mole Service Solutions

Our technicians are experts in the habits of moles. This enables them to offer tailored solutions and advice to resolve the infestation effectively with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business.

Moles live a solitary existence; except for the mating season (between February and June). Each one creates an extensive network of permanent and feeding tunnels. That's when you’re most likely notice the effects of garden moles on your land. 

Call Rentokil free on 0800 917 1989 if you’ve noticed any of the tell-tale signs of moles.

Our Professional Service

We tailor our treatments to your individual business ensuring compliance to all necessary regulations and legislation.

  • Full and free inspection – at a time convenient to you to find out the level of mole infestation.

  • Co-operation with neighbours - as mole tunnel systems can extend quite a distance, we can seek co-operation from your neighbours to inspect adjacent land for ‘live’ mole activity

  • Recommendations – on treatment dependent on level of infestation and any proofing requirements

  • Treatment – at a time suitable to you.  The number of visits will depend on the level of infestation

  • Advice - on how to prevent mole infestations in the future.

If treatment involves the use of Phostoxin, the chemical will decompose after use into a small pile of greyish powder. This has no residual effect on soil and won’t harm plant life in the treated area. However for safety, people and animals should be kept away from treated areas for at least 2 days to prevent any possibility of the treatment being dug up whilst still active.

Need effective mole control for your business?

By taking prompt action today, you can help to keep your lawns running as smoothly as your business.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.