Flexi Armour Weep Vent Pest Proofing

Flexi Armour Weep Vent Proofing

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Flexi Armour Weep Vent Rodent Proofing

Flexi Armour Weep is an effective solution for proofing weep holes (or vents), without damaging brickwork and mortar. This pest proofing is made from highly resilient, yet flexible, stainless steel, which prevents insect and rodent pests from accessing wall cavities in all types of buildings.

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This versatile proofing solution can be fitted to weep vents of any size, without compromising the essential ventilation and drainage they provide. The effective proofing of all types of gaps, cracks, holes and vents is vital to minimise the risk of pest activity inside your premises.

Why weep holes (vents) need proofing

Weep holes are small gaps between bricks or stonework, providing essential ventilation and drainage of wall cavities in buildings. These holes limit the build-up of moisture in cavity walls, reducing the risk of property issues. However, they can be 'gateways' for rodents and insect pests to enter your premises. Once in the wall cavity, pests can travel throughout the rest of the building, often undetected.

Flexi Armour Weep – sustainable pest proofing

This effective pest proofing solution denies insect and rodent pests access to buildings from external areas via weep holes. This also prevents them from finding refuge in the cavity and potentially nesting there. Flexi Armour Weep has the benefit of not restricting airflow, allowing moisture to leave the inner wall cavity protecting the integrity of the property.

Using this robust method of pest proofing to prevent access, helps reduce the need to use rodenticides or insecticides within your premise. This sustainable approach supports your audit compliance by proactively minimising the risks associated with internal pest activity. Flexi Armour targeted proofing solutions assist UK food safety, health & safety, and CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) regulations, to help reduce the rodenticide impact on UK wildlife.

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