Flexi Armour Rodent Proof Doors

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Flexi Armour Rodent Proof Doors

Rentokil’s Flexi Armour range provides sustainable rodent proofing solutions to help protect buildings internally and externally. By utilising hard wearing, flexible Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, Flexi Armour provides impenetrable barriers that prevent rats and mice entering your premises. An integral part of the Flexi Armour Range is the rodent door proofing solutions we offer for both pedestrian doors and commercial roller shutter doors. These door proofing options offer a sustainable approach to Integrated Pest Management by restricting rodent intrusions into your business.

Rodents can pose a significant risk to your business. They carry a wide range of diseases, can physically contaminate stock, damage building infrastructure and can ultimately have a negative impact on your business reputation. Rodents needs to gnaw on materials in order to keep their teeth in shape, this could be on metal, wood or even electrical/data cables. They will often enlarge gaps around doorways by gnawing to gain access to a property. Rats have a collapsible skeleton, which allows a fully grown rat to squeeze through a 24 mm hole. Mice can squeeze through a gap that is only limited by the size of their skull, which on average is 6.35 mm.

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Flexi Armour Pedestrian Door Seal

This solution against rats and mice prevents ingress under pedestrian doors, protecting businesses from the risk of a rodent infestation. The door barrier is a unique hardwearing, rubber extrusion with a knitted steel mesh core. This highly effective rodent proofing solutions for door gaps helps to prevent easy rodent access to your premises via pedestrian doors.


Flexi Armour Pedestrian Door Rodent Seal

  • Proofing is the first line of defence againt a rodent infestation and potential damage to your business.
  • Flexi Armour Pedestrian Door Rodent Seal provides an effective safegurd against the ingress of rats and mice.
  • Securely protecting the base of most pedestrian entrance doors when closed.
  • Made from resilient extruded rubber with a stainless steel core mesh, Flexi Armour pedestrian door seals are an effective defensive fortification against rodents. 
  • By restricting rodent activity, this helps reduce the need for rodenticide usage to treat infestations.
  • Targeted proofing of pedestrian doors provides compliance with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticise Use (CRRU) regulations, helping to reduce the environmental impact on UK Wildlife by reducing the use of rodenticide.

Flexi Armour Roller Shutter Door Seal

The Flexi Armour Loading Door Base Seal has been specifically designed to prevent rodent access to commercial premises by securely protecting the base of roller shutter doors, using a unique and robust rubber extrusion with a knitted steel mesh core.


Flexi Armour Roller Shutter Door Seal

  • Securely protects the base of the roller shutter doors when closed.
  • Blocks potential gaps (and therefore access points) at the bottom of the roller doors, that rats and mice could use to access your premises.
  • Made from resilient extruded rubber with a stainless steel core mesh, Flexi Armour roller shutter door seals are a strong defensive barrier against rodents. 
  • This entry barrier to rodents helps to reduce the risks of an internal rodent infestation within your business.
  • By restricting rodent activity, proofing helps reduce the need for rodenticide usage to treat infestations, which provides compliance with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticise Use (CRRU) regulations


Flexi Armour Door Side Seal

Provides a 100% seal against intruding rodents trying to access side gaps in loading doors. The two hardwearing and robust Flexi Armour Door Side Seals (made from extruded rubber with a unique knitted steel mesh core) are securely fitted to fill side gaps, providing a sturdy solution for loading door proofing issues.

All rodent proof door seals are quickly and securely fitted by our trained technicians to ensure there is no damage to the doors on fitting. Flexi Armour rodent proof door seals have been robustly tested using Abrasion testing against competitor solutions and in real life trials, confirming that Flexi Armour door seals last over twice as long as equivalent competitor products*.

Benefits of Flexi Armour Rodent Proof Doors

There are many points of potential entry into a building for a rodent. One of the reasons businesses develop pest problems is because they don’t fully rodent-proof their premises’. Proofing is always the first line of defense against rodent infestations. The Flexi Armour rodent proofing range of door seals provides effective proofing measures, to help prevent the entry of rats and mice and reduce the risk of a rodent infestation developing on your premises.

  • Entry Barrier to Rodents - Kevlar and knitted steel mesh core combination (unique to Rentokil UK) is flexible yet strong enough to prevent gnawing rodents creating entrance gaps under pedestrian and roller shutter doors.
  • Proofing door gaps - restricts rodent activity and therefore help reduce rodenticide usage, as infestations are reduced.
  • Tighter UK restrictions on rodenticides use (CRRU) - targeted proofing provides compliance with CRRU regulations, reducing environmental impact on UK wildlife by preventing rodent ingress and therefore reducing the need to use rodenticide.
  • Reduction in rodenticide use - supports COSHH hierarchy of control
  • Sustainable Integrated Pest Management – a sustainable approach to rodent control
  • Minimal Disruption - proofing is expertly and swiftly installed by professional Rentokil technicians, minimising any impact on your business.

*Flexi Armour door seals have been abrasion tested against equivalent competitor products.

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