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Flexi Armour Dock Leveller Rodent Proofing

Rentokil Flexi Armour Dock is a highly effective proofing solution to eliminate gaps around dock levellers – which are a major entry point for rodents. Providing an impenetrable barrier, it prevents mice and rats entering you facility via loading bays.

Rodent proofing with Flexi Armour Dock is a sustainable solution that is non-toxic and helps to prevent rodent infestations developing in your premises. Recent UK analysis from PestConnect data has shown that around 30% of rodent infestations originate from the loading areas in warehousing, supermarkets and distribution centres.

By eliminating areas of ingress for mice and rats around dock levellers with Flexi Armour Dock proofing, you can reduce the potential for rodent infestations within your building, reducing the need for rodenticide use. This approach also supports more stringent UK legislation around food safety, health & safety, and CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) regulations to reduce the rodenticide impact on UK wildlife.

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The Dock Leveller Problem

When shipments arrive or leave a warehouse, supermarket, grocery store, pet store, food processing or distribution centre  - the trucks, vans or lorries that back up to the loading bay vary in height. An adjustable dock leveller platform is used in the loading area to align the floor to the correct height. This platform or plate is typically built into the floor, and to allow adjustment has gaps around the edges.

It's these small gaps around dock levellers that enable mice and young rats to enter the facility in search of warmth and a nesting site. The voids below dock levellers can also offer good harbourage for mice, as debris building up in these areas can provide nesting materials.  Effectively proofing these gaps is therefore essential to minimise the risk of rodent activity inside your premises and potential damage to products and stock stored within the facility.

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Business Benefits of Proofing with Flexi Armour Dock

Rentokil's Flexi Armour Dock, advanced proofing solution is the first line of defence against rodents entering your premises. This sustainable, non-toxic proofing for dock levellers provides a highly effective deterrent to pests, as well as a physical barrier to dirt, debris, wind and rain penetrating your facility. The proofing can also assist in reducing light and odours from escaping and support in the reduction of energy loss from the premises.

  • Effective Barrier to Rodents - Kevlar and steel mesh combination, unique to Rentokil UK is flexible yet strong enough to prevent gnawing rodents creating entrance gaps.
  • Targeted Proofing - which provides compliance with CRRU regulations, reducing environmental impact on UK wildlife by preventing rodent ingress and therefore reducing the need to use rodenticide.
  • Minimal Business Disruption - proofing is expertly and swiftly installed by professional Rentokil technicians, minimising any impact on your business.

Flexi Armour Dock is unique to Rentokil Pest Control UK. The proofing is a combination of Kevlar and knitted steel mesh. These materials are flexible enough to deal with the variations in dock leveller size, height and frequency of movement whilst remaining impenetrable to rodent activity and gnawing.

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