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Pest Control in Guildford

We understand that discovering pests in your home or business is distressing.

Our Guildford pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors, field biologists and bird specialists work throughout Camberley, Frimley, Aldershot, Woking and Surrey, ready to provide the most effective solutions to your pest problem quickly and safely - we offer:

  • Free Survey - highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points
  • Fast Effective Treatments - targeted & appropriate for your situation
  • Proofing & Advice - helping to prevent further infestations
  • British Pest Control Association - (BPCA) certified technicians

Areas We Cover across Guildford & Camberley

The Guildford branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers:
  • Guildford
  • Camberley
  • Blackwater
  • Farnborough
  • Frimley
  • Aldershot
  • Woking
  • Worplesdon
  • Knaphill
  • Chobham
  • Artington
  • Woodbridge
  • West Clandon
  • Jacobs Well

Guildford Pest Control Services

Our pest control team are BPCA certified and know the most effective ways to eliminate pests in your property. 

They deal with pests quickly, professionally and with discretion, offering advice to help ensure your pest issue does not return. Our pest control services include:

Rats & Mice - our treatments & preventative solutions effectively tackle rodents inside your premises & externally.

Cockroaches - pose a health risk spreading diseases like Salmonella & Gastro-enteritis. We establish the exact species; find all their hiding spots, eliminating them safely & effectively.

Bed Bugs - our detailed inspections identify the scale of the problem & targeted treatments like our innovative, 'chemical-free' heat treatment effectively eliminate bed bugs.

Clothes Moths - larvae damage natural fibres in carpets, clothes, fabrics etc... putting delicate items at risk. Our team use the most appropriate & effective methods to eliminate clothes moths.

Flies - are a health risk, spreading diseases like Salmonella & E. coli. We effectively eliminate flies & treat breeding sites, which could lead to re-infestation.

Ants - our targeted sprays, selective baiting or drill & dust treatment (for internal voids) will eliminate your ant problem.

Wasps - our wasp nest treatments are targeted, ensuring effective control of the nest, based on its location. Our local team offer you expert advice to help prevent future wasp problems.

Nuisance Birds – our experienced avian specialists deal with pest birds like urban gulls & feral pigeons, using discreet, cost-effective deterrents, hawking & bird proofing that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

Customer Reviews

Pest Control Treatment

"HAPPY- if I need something done he gets the job done, no issue I have always used you, good service."
  Rating 10/10
- Aldershot

Mice & rat infestations throughout Guildford

Mice and rats are opportunistic scavengers in our towns and villages such as Camberley, Woking and Chobham. 

Rodents are omnivorous, eating anything from contents of rubbish and compost bins and discarded left-overs to fruits, seeds in gardens and parks and grains in farms and silos, as well as food in our homes if they get in. 

If you’ve seen signs of rodents, the safest and most effective way to get rid of mice or rats is by professional, targeted treatments.

Local Area Manager


Scott Creaghan

Over 10 years experience & local knowledge enables me to ensure my team delivers the very best service to our customers.

Name: Scott Creaghan
Job Title: Local Area Manager
Qualifications: BPCA

Expert Pest Control throughout Guildford

Our Guildford pest control team work in a range of different premises in this vicinity. This includes working closely with food distribution businesses to ensure they remain pest free and complaint with relevant food legislation, making sure we cause minimal disruption to their operations whilst completing our services.

Our team also work alongside bar and restaurant owners within the busy towns of Guildford and Woking providing discreet pest control services to ensure they remain pest free, understanding the necessity to comply with food legislation and the importance of their reputation.

Throughout the local area our Guildford team provide residential customers with a fast and responsive service to ensure pest problems are dealt with quickly and successfully, ensuring the safety of your family and pets at all times. We offer all our customers, in their business properties and at home the same discreet, sensitive pest control service across the region.

British Pest Control Association Certified

Our professional pest control team are qualified to British Pest Control Association level 2 and above and have the knowledge, expertise and resources to deal with any pest issues. 

Local technicians, field biologists and specialist bird control technicians are on hand from Guildford to Aldershot, Woking and beyond to respond quickly to help keep your home or business free from pests.

Pest Control Costs

We understand that a pest problem in your property is very distressing and every pest infestation is different. 

To enable us to provide an accurate price, our qualified pest control surveyors will contact you to discuss your pest infestation, and if necessary visit your premises to fully understand the extent of the infestation.

They can then recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment to solve your pest problem. Our professional pest control survey and quote are free of charge.

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