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Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT)

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Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT)

Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) is a safe, effective solution used to treat delicate objects suffering insect infestations.This form of fumigation is effective against fabric pests, as well as Case Bearing Clothes Moths, Common Clothes Moths and woodworm (Common Furniture Beetle).

Items such as antiquities, fragile textiles, paintings, books, museum artefacts, historical clothing, tapestries,and antique furniture can all benefit from this fumigation treatment.

How CAT Fumigants Work

Objects or commodities to be treated are sealed within a specialist polymer membrane bubble – the controlled atmosphere – with extracted air replaced with regulated concentrations of inert gases like Carbon Dioxide. This treatment effectively eliminates all life stages of pest insects and leaves no harmful residues on objects. This delicate process can take up to several weeks for effective completion.

  • Inert gases used in the controlled atmosphere make it suitable to treat fragile objects vulnerable to degradation and residue contamination.
  • Gases are also used to treat precious metals, copper, brass and silks
  • Inert gases are used with objects such as paintings to avoid changes in colour pigments due to fluctuations in humidity.

Fumigating Organic Food Produce

Carbon Dioxide fumigation is accepted by The Soil Association – and other verifying bodies – as a suitable treatment of organic food produce such as cereal, pulses, nuts, grains and dried fruits. Relatively small quantities (1-20 tonnes) of commodities can be treated and several treatments can be carried out simultaneously.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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