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Damp Proof Injection

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What is damp proof injection?

Damp proof injection is a fast-acting, long-term solution used to treat rising damp. Installing a chemical damp proof course of water-based silicone fluid - damp proof cream - forms a protective barrier, effectively stopping rising damp from entering the building and damaging walls. Although a chemical injection is not suitable for all properties it is the most cost-effective and reliable method of rising damp treatment when it can be applied.

To discuss damp proof injection with our damp proofing team, give us a call on 0800 0121 437 or you can book a survey online by clicking the button below. If you would like to learn more about how to fix rising damp with our DPC injection service, take the time to read our guide below.

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How to Inject a Damp Proof Course

The process of treating rising damp by injecting a chemical DPC into the mortar at the base of walls is commonly known as installing a remedial damp proof course (DPC) and is very straightforward for our team of qualified damp proofing technicians.

Before any damp proof injection treatment begins, both internal and external walls are prepared and any plaster that has been affected with rising damp or hygroscopic salts will need to be removed along with decaying skirting boards and any wall fixtures.

Holes are drilled along the mortar bed joint to a predetermined depth and height. Each hole requires to be 125mm apart to ensure the effectiveness of the damp proof injection. Once the holes have been drilled, our technicians will inject the silicone-based chemical damp proofing cream. The fluid restricts the movement of moisture by penetrating the masonry forming a protective water repellent barrier, preventing rising damp. After treatment, we ensure all your walls where a DPC has been installed are replastered, leaving your walls clean, and ready to be decorated.

Injecting damp proof cream

How to Fix Rising Damp with Damp Proof Cream

Our damp proofing teams are equipped with a special formula damp proof cream called Drywall plus. The active ingredient in our chemical damp proof course is called Saline or Siloxane. Once injected and diffused into the wall, The saline chemical contained in the fluid will line the capillaries of the wall forming a water repellent barrier. This barrier is what we call a remedial damp proof course, or DPC for short.

Our team have chosen Drywall plus because it uses the highest concentration of silane available in DPC injection cream on the market.

Why Install an Injection Damp Proof Course

The damp proof injections used by Rentokil Property Care have many advantages over other DPC systems. These include:

  • Quick installation
  • Minimal disruption
  • Low-hazard chemicals
  • Can be installed in void or empty properties with no power
  • Highly Effective
  • Covered by a Rentokil Guarantee

When Can you Redecorate Walls after Damp Proof Injection?

As treating damp this way requires you to drill injection holes into the wall, it naturally follows that our team will replaster the wall to cover up and make the injection sites invisible. However, you should leave replastering for a while to give the walls a chance to dry.

The team at Rentokil will be able to advise how long the wall should be left. When immediate re-plastering is required additional products such as tanking membranes can be used as a key for earlier plastering.

How Long is a Damp Proof Course Guaranteed For?

With Rentokil Property Care, you can trust our many years of experience and team of qualified professionals to put your rising damp problem right with our damp proof injection service. To provide reassurance and peace of mind, all our rising damp treatments including damp proof injections carry a 30-year guarantee.

Our DPC injection specialists

For expert help and advice on how we inject a remedial chemical damp proof course into the mortar joint of brickwork walls to solve rising damp problems, contact your local team a call on 0800 0121 437 or click the button below to book a damp survey online.

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