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Damp Proof Injection

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Damp Proof Injection

Protect your property and stop rising damp from becoming a serious problem with Rentokil Property Care’s damp proof injection service. Damp proof injections are a fast-acting, long-term treatment solution used to treat rising damp. Installing a chemical damp course of water-based silicone fluid forms a protective barrier, effectively stopping rising damp from ‘rising’ up and damaging walls. Although a chemical injection is not suitable for all properties it is the most cost-effective and reliable method of rising damp treatment when it can be applied.

To discuss damp proof injection with our damp proofing team, give us a call on 0800 0121 437 or you can book a survey online by clicking the button below. If you would like to learn more about damp proof injections and our service, take the time to read our guide below.

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How Does Damp Proof Injection Work?

The procedure itself is very straightforward for our team of qualified technicians.

Before any damp proof injection treatment begins, both internal and externals walls are prepared and any plaster that has been affected with rising damp will need to be removed along with decaying skirting boards and any wall fixtures.

Holes are drilled along the masonry/brick to a predetermined depth and height. Each hole requires to be 125mm apart to ensure the effectiveness of the damp proof injection. Once the holes have been drilled, they are injected with silicone-based chemical damp-proofing fluid. The fluid restricts the movement of moisture by penetrating the masonry forming a protective water repellent barrier, preventing rising damp. After treatment, we ensure all your treated walls are replastered, leaving your walls clean and ready to be decorated.

With Rentokil Property Care, you can trust our many years of experience and team of qualified professionals to put your rising damp problem right with our damp proof injection service. To provide reassurance and peace of mind, all our rising damp treatments including damp proof injections carry a 30-year guarantee.

Does My Property Need Damp Proof Injection?

Any property that does not have the right damp proofing installed is more likely to take on excess moisture, and one of the key defences against damp is a functioning damp proof course (DPC). A DPC stops excess moisture from the ground your property is built on from rising up the brickwork via capillary action and causing rising damp. 

Damp proof injection is a remedial treatment for a broken or missing damp proof course. Any of the following property problems can cause a damp proof course to fail:

  • Subsidence
  • Renovations that raise the ground level
  • Age and deterioration

If you suspect any of the above have caused a rising damp problem in your property our expert surveyors will be able to tell if damp proof injection is a viable treatment.

How do you fix Rising Damp with a Damp Proof Injection?

To treat rising damp, it is important to prevent further moisture penetrating your property and promote rapid drying. Once a property surveyor has identified a rising damp problem in your property with a rising damp survey you may be offered damp proof injection depending on the level of deterioration to the existing damp proof course, the thickness of the walls and other factors.

Put simply, a damp proof injection is used to repair the damaged damp proof course of a property. It is the most common method used for treating rising damp. Damp proof injections are designed to form a protective water repellent barrier to block any rising damp rising through the masonry.

The Benefits of a Damp Proof Injection

The damp proof injections used by Rentokil Property Care have a number of advantages over other dpc systems.

These include:

  • Quick installation
  • Minimal disruption
  • Low-hazard chemicals
  • Can be installed in void or empty properties with no power
  • Highly Effective
  • Covered by a Rentokil Guarantee

Re-plastering after a Damp Proof Injection

When it comes to treating rising damp, the injection of a damp proof course is only the beginning. You will also need to re-plaster any internal walls that have been affected. However, you should leave re-plastering for a while to give the walls a chance to dry. The team at Rentokil will be able to advise how long the wall should be left. When immediate re-plastering is required additional products such as tanking membranes can be used as a key for earlier re-plastering.

Is damp proof injection guaranteed?


With so many companies offering damp treatment, we offer extra peace of mind by using qualified and experienced technicians to administer damp proof injection treatment then guaranteeing that treatment for up to 25-Years.

When you instruct Rentokil Property Care to treat your damp problem you can feel secure in the knowledge that your damp proof injection will prevent rising damp recurring in your property and even in the unlikely event of the damp returning we will be there to put it right.

Contact the Experts in Property Care

At Rentokil Property Care, we aim to break down the technical jargon used within the industry to offer you clear and concise information to help you inform your choice of treatment. With our team of locally based qualified surveyors and technicians right across the UK, our experts are right on your doorstep. If you believe you have any form of dampness, whether it is rising damp or not, it is always best to seek the advice from a professional experienced in diagnosing and treating damp.

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