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Damp Problems

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How to Deal with Damp Problems

Damp problems are some of the most common and inconvenient complications a property can suffer from. Problems like rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation can leave a property unsightly, unpleasant and unhealthy. At their worst, damp problems can even affect the structural integrity of a property making them unsafe whilst seriously affecting property value.

At Rentokil Property Care, our highly trained and qualified surveyors and technicians have years of experience eliminating damp problems from properties and restoring them to their full potential. If you feel your property is suffering from damp, you can book a survey with Rentokil Property Care today by clicking the button below or call us to discuss your damp problem on 0800 0121 437.

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How to Treat Damp Problems

The first step to treating a damp problem is understanding exactly what you are dealing with. Damp problems are often misdiagnosed by people with insufficient training and this will inevitably result in incorrect treatment being applied.

Rentokil Property Care would always recommend getting the opinion of a CSRT qualified surveyor from a rated and approved company before spending your hard earned money on any form of treatment.

How to Identify Damp Problems on Walls and Ceilings

When checking for damp problems in a property there are some obvious tell-tale signs that will appear around walls and ceilings. Common signs of damp include:

  • Unpleasant musty odour
  • Discoloured “brown” patches on walls and ceilings
  • Peeling wallpaper, blistering paint and flaking plaster
  • Condensation on windows and walls
  • Black mould
  • Walls that feel cold or damp to touch
  • Rising damp patches that start at the base of the ground floor wall
  • White salt marks on walls
  • Rotting timber skirting and window frames

Signs of damp are usually easy to spot but determining what the root cause of the problem is can be trickier.

What Causes Damp Problems?

Common sources of damp in properties include leaks, rising damp and condensation:

Leaks from outside the property are the main cause of penetrating damp. This will usually manifest as localised damp patches on a wall or ceiling. Broken downpipes and gutters, cracks, faulty joints and corroded seals can all contribute to penetrating damp in a property. Leaks from inside can cause damp problems too, with wet rot often resulting from faulty plumbing or leaking washing machines and showers.

Rising damp only ever affects the ground floor. Damp problems caused by rising damp will be localised to around one meter up the wall from the floor. Rising damp normally occurs when an existing damp proof course has been bridged by external renovation or has been damaged in some way.

Condensation happens when water vapour caused by everyday activities like cooking and washing becomes trapped within a property. When warm water vapour comes into contact with cooler surfaces the result is condensation which leads to visibly wet windows and walls. Condensation provides the ideal conditions for black mould to grow. The key to solving condensation is achieving consistent relative humidity, in serious cases this will require the installation of mechanical ventilation units.

Professional Help for Damp Problems

The damp proofing professionals at Rentokil Property Care will correctly diagnose your damp problem and provide you with the most effective damp treatment available.

You can contact our expert team at Rentokil Property Care today on 0800 0121 437 or click the button below to fill in a quick contact form and we will get back to you.

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