Condensation and Mould

Positive Input Ventilation

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Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Rentokil's home ventilation solutions can be installed in every kind of home, whether it be apartment, flat, bungalow or house. With our wide range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems, manufactured here in the UK, you can be assured that not only will your indoor air quality be dramatically improved, but so will your health and your heating bills.

Home Ventilation System

The Rentokil positive input ventilation units are sophisticated whole home ventilation system that controls condensation. By drawing in fresh, filtered and clean air from outside, the units gently ventilate the home from a central position on a landing in a house or the central hallway in a flat or bungalow. 

Moisture laden air is replaced to maintain humidity levels at around 55%. This significantly reduces or eliminates surface condensation, the main cause for mould growth.

Condensation in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are both key areas where condensation is most likely to occur in the home. Daily activities like cooking and showering dramatically increase the moisture levels in the air, which leave these rooms consistently exposed to condensation forming on cold surfaces such as glass and solid outside walls. If left untreated, this moisture can lead to the growth of black mould, resulting in a musty and unsightly property.

Filterless Extract Fan

Integral within the fan is the intelligent vapour tracking system which constantly monitors the humidity level. As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed rises and falls in direct correlation. 

This controls condensation quietly and efficiently, eliminating the problem of ‘nuisance running’ and reducing the periods of time when the fan operates on maximum, which saves energy.

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