House fly Musca domestica transmit pathogens & diseases like Salmonella & E. coli causing food poisoning, dysentry & diarrhoea, resting outdoors on leaf

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Rentokil Fly Box and Mini Fly Box

Flies will breed quickly and in large numbers in waste or refuse areas, increasing the risks of fly transmitted diseases such as E.coli and Salmonella potentially affecting your products, customers, staff and your business reputation. The Rentokil Fly Box is a unique fly control unit that is designed to effectively control the number of flies around external refuse areas of a premises, before they enter the building and potentially spread disease. Whilst the Rentokil Fly Box Mini fits within waste compactors and commercial bins to eliminate flies that are breeding within these areas.

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Rentokil Fly Box

The Rentokil Fly Box specifically targets the flies external breeding sites. The unit requires no electricity to work, so is highly flexible in where it can be deployed to offer the most effective results. If used in conjunction with adequate fly screening it can be pivotal in reducing the risk of flies entering your establishment.

black external flybox unit mounted on wall to attract outdoor flies away from premises being serviced by pest controller

How Rentokil Fly Box works

The sturdy, metal Fly Box unit is placed on external walls strategically located close to bins, refuse or waste areas. As the unit does not require electricity to work, this offers a greater flexibility in locating the unit for the most effective results. Our research has shown that lighter coloured walls provide the optimal backdrop for the unit, as 90% of flies migrate towards black items placed against a lighter contrasting background. However where a location has a dark coloured background we have a fly box unit that is yellow, as our research has also shown that flies migrate towards the yellow focal point when set against a dark background. So whatever external locations on your premises require fly control we have the optimum solution.

high contrast yellow wall mounted flybox for effectively trapping flies externally around bin areas without the need for electricity

The Fly Box backboard is coated in a fast acting and highly effective insecticide (uniquely formulated to attract flies with pheromones and food attractants) before swiftly eliminating them on contact. The unit is serviced at least every 12 weeks by our qualified Rentokil technicians to ensure the unit remains highly effective throughout the fly breeding season. The Fly Box will help to provide an even greater level fly control if used alongside the Rentokil Lumnia LED fly control units. Helping to control flies before they have a chance to damage your business.

Rentokil Mini Fly Box

Flies have four stages of their life cycle; eggs, larvae (or maggots), pupa and adult flies. All of these life stages are associated with waste bins. The fly eggs, larvae and pupa are often concentrated close to or within a bin breeding site. The Rentokil Mini Fly Box is designed to work effectively inside waste compactors and commercial bins to eliminate flies, helping to reduce the risk of flies entering your business. Our research shows that 31% of flies are eradicated before they have a chance to leave the bin and 62% of flies remain within the treated bin.

flybox mini designed for use within commercial bins to kill maggots and breeding house flies before they enter business premises

How the Mini Fly Box works

The Rentokil Mini Fly Box is a robust, secure metal unit that fits neatly inside a commercial bin* (opposite the hinge of the bin lid) or waste compactor. The mini fly box attracts flies within the bin using pheromones and attractants within the unit. Flies entering the unit will quickly be eliminated, some inside the fly box but most will die outside of the unit but within the bin area. This targeted fly treatment reduces the environmental impact and risk of pesticide contamination as well as reducing the risk of flies entering your premises.

*The Mini Fly Box can only be fitted to customer owned waste bins.

Benefits of the Fly Box and Mini Fly Box

How the Rentokil Fly Box and Mini Fly Box units can help protect your premises and business reputation from fly infestations.

  • Highly effective solutions to reduce external fly infestations in waste bin areas quickly
  • Targets flies external breeding sites, before they can enter your premises
  • Contains uniquely formulated pesticide, which acts rapidly to eliminate flies
  • Solid metal units with a secure integrated lock, reduces the risk of pesticide contamination
  • Fly Box and Mini Fly Box require no electricity, allowing complete flexibility in deploying the units where they are most effective, either externally or internally.

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