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ResiConnect Home Mouse Alarm

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ResiConnect Rentokil's mouse alarm for your home

Mice can squeeze into homes through the smallest of gaps. Their flexible skeletons allow them to squeeze through tiny spaces, often no bigger than the width of a pencil. Once inside they hide away behind  items such as cupboards, fridges, freezers, cookers - nibbling small amounts of food (approx. 3gms a day) whilst potentially spreading diseases through their urine and faeces. Mice are curious and very agile creatures and as they investigate your home from top to bottom they will spread pathogens, so it’s important to quickly control any mouse activity to reduce the risk of disease spreading.
Mouse squeezing through gap around pipework
Mice also breed very quickly, with up to 16 pups in each litter, after a gestation period of only three weeks. A pair of mice can become a heavy infestation in a relatively short time. Which can consequently become a more difficult and costly problem to solve.

ResiConnect Mouse Solution

Rentokil can give you some peace of mind, with a system that allows early warning of mouse activity, as soon as they sneak into your home through our ResiConnect Mouse service. We use discreet, advanced mouse traps called RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance)

Each RADAR mouse trap has an entrance at each end, allowing mice to run into it from either direction. When the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it trips a circuit that closes both entrances. Carbon dioxide gas is released in the tightly sealed container. The gas acts rapidly and is widely recognised as a bait free method of control. There is no danger of contamination as the mouse remains completely isolated. As the unit is self-contained, the mouse can be discreetly removed by your Rentokil technician, before he resets the unit.

Once the mouse has been captured, eliminated and securely contained a signal is sent to a control panel, which is discreetly located in your property. This in turn triggers a message to our call centre, which will quickly dispatch a technician to your property to deal with the issue. You won’t need to do a thing, we will contact you to let you know there is a mouse issue and implement an effective plan so solve the problem swiftly and discreetly.

This is the closest thing there is to a ‘burglar alarm’ for mice!

Mouse on pipework sticking out of brick wall

Key Benefits of ResiConnect

Here are some of the benefits of a ResiConnect Mouse system:

  • Gives earliest warning of mouse activity
  • Mouse is eliminated instantly, bait free & is completely isolated
  • Mice are controlled before they start to breed in large numbers
  • Offers you peace of mind – a Rentokil BPCA certified technician will remove the deceased rodent and offer recommendations and advice to prevent any reoccurrence

  • All reports and recommendations are recorded on myRentokil – our online reporting system that you can access 24/7 via laptop or smartphone app

Technical details for installing ResiConnect

Rentokil will install RADAR units as discreetly as possible in high risk areas of your home such as kitchens, food cupboards, basements, lofts – in fact anywhere that mice might become active. A control panel will also be installed (which will require an electrical outlet) and on occasion we may need to install a repeater to boost the signal from the RADAR to the control panel, if there is a significant distance to cover. The control panel has its own unique sim card, so there is no need to connect via your home wi-fi.

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