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Weather-Protect System

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Weather-Protect System

Protect your property from penetrating damp while reducing your carbon footprint with Rentokil Weather-Protect systems.

Rentokil Weather-Protect is a breathable, colourless, water-repellent treatment designed to prevent penetrating damp on brick, stone and concrete walls. One single coat will prevent rain from penetrating your property's exterior masonry for 20 - 30 years!

Weather-Protect systems key benefits include:

  • Protecting against penetrating damp (rain penetration)
  • Keeping masonry dry which in turn will improve the thermal resistance (energy saving)
  • Protecting cavity wall insulation from moisture thus improving its performance (energy saving)


  • Will It Affect The Exterior Look Of My Property?

    The cream formulation allows the masonry to breathe meaning your home will retain its original looks and features. When applied the cream is white, which fades as it sinks in; some slight darkening to your properties exterior may occur although this will usually fade over time.

  • Is Any Work Needed Before Application?

    The Rentokil Weather-Protect system is only intended to stop rain penetration through pores of the masonry. Faulty mortar should also be re-pointed while cracks in masonry will have to be filled or repaired.

    In order for a trained Rentokil Property Care surveyor to determine if additional work is required a damp survey should be conducted.

  • How Does It Save Energy?

    Heat escapes quicker through wet masonry than dry masonry due to its lower thermal resistance. Therefore rain water penetrating the outer leaf of brickwork reduces the thermal resistance which in turn allows valuable heat to escape.

    The Rentokil Weather-Protect system prevents & repels rain penetration and has been scientifically proven to reduce heat loss in single skin masonry, with an energy saving of up to 29%.

  • Is Weather-Protect Resistant To UV Light?

    Yes, the Rentokil Weather-Protect system is resistant to UV light and other forms of degradation.

  • How Long Will It Last?

    The Rentokil Weather-Protect system will prevent penetrating damp for 20 - 30 years.

Penetrating Damp Solutions

Our friendly damp experts will conduct a thorough damp survey on your property before determining the best solution for your penetrating damp issue before providing you with a detailed report. Repairs to the mortar or rainwater goods may be required before application of Rentokil Weather-Protect ensuring your home is property protected.

For more information on this product or to book a damp survey, contact our team today, who will be happy to help you.

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