Flexi Armour Expansion Joint Rodent Proofing

Flexi Armour Expansion Proofing

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Flexi Armour Expansion Joint Rodent Proofing

Rentokil Flexi Armour Expansion is a unique rodent proofing solution that fills expansion joints in your premises. It’s a versatile solution that can be fitted to expansion joints of different sizes and types. This is a highly resilient, flexible knitted stainless steel mesh, combined with Rentokil’s unique self-levelling compound that prevents rats and mice from gnawing through and entering void spaces.

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This rodent proofing solution allows the expansion joints to flex (normally as they should with thermal expansion and contraction) but stops rodents from gaining access. By sealing these gaps, Flexi Armour Expansion proofing also prevents pests from using the spaces to travel unnoticed around buildings, in search of food and shelter.


The Expansion Joint Problem Rodents Exploit

Most warehouses, food production plants, supermarkets, factories, retail and distribution centres have large floor expansion joints, which prevent the floors from cracking under normal thermal expansion and contraction cycles.

Gaps in the expansion joints can provide suitable harbourage for rodents, with debris frequently building up in these areas, providing rats and mice with a food source and nesting materials. These also act as rodent ‘Super Highways’ allowing pests to go unnoticed as they travel around the building in search of food and shelter. Potentially spreading an infestation into other areas of the premises, as well as causing damage to cabling, stock and property. Many other types of pests can also use the expansion gaps as harbourage sites, including numerous species of insects such as cockroaches and flies. The economic impact caused by these pests from disruption, downtime and reputation damage to your business can be significant.

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Business Benefits of Proofing with Flexi Armour Expansion

Rentokil Flexi Armour Expansion proofing is a durable combination of flexible yet hard wearing knitted steel mesh with a self-levelling and tough epoxy resin (unique to Rentokil). This sustainable proofing solution is used to eliminate gaps in expansion joints on floors and walls. It seals these narrow spaces preventing rodents from using them as unseen ‘pest highways’ to move through your facility in search of food and harbourages. Flexi Armour Expansion has the flexibility to allow the joints to expand and contract, yet is robust enough to be impenetrable to rodent gnawing.

  • Rodent Barrier – the combination of knitted stainless steel mesh and our unique resilient epoxy resin provides a flexible yet sturdy barrier to prevent rodents chewing through to exploit expansion gaps.
  • Targeted Rodent Proofing – by preventing rodent ingress in these vulnerable areas and removing opportunities for them to nest and find refuge, you minimise the risk of pest activity and limit the potential spread of infestations inside your premises.
  • Audit Compliance – proofing expansion joint gaps supports your audit compliance by proactively minimising the risks associated with internal mouse and rat activity. This in turn reduces the need to use rodenticide within your facility to control infestations as you are restricting rodent access.
  • Minimal Business Disruption – proofing is swiftly installed by BPCA certified and expertly trained Rentokil technicians to the highest standards, minimising any impact on your business.

Sustainable, Durable Rodent Proofing

Proofing expansion joints using Flexi Armour will help to restrict rodent activity in your facility, as it prevents rats, mice and other pests exploiting any gaps to enter your premises and removes the opportunity for them to forage and shelter in these hidden voids.

By effectively sealing all expansion joint gaps, using this robust, sustainable method will help reduce the need to use rodenticides within your facility to control rodents. This also supports your audit compliance by proactively minimising the risks associated with internal mouse and rat activity. This also supports UK food safety, health & safety, and CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) regulations, to help reduce the rodenticide impact on UK wildlife.