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Pest Control in Bradford

Our experts work throughout Bradford providing professional pest control for homes and businesses. Our local team of technicians, surveyors and field biologists are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified. Knowledge, experience and expertise allow them to offer the safest and most effective solutions to deal with pest problems in your property.

Areas covered by our Bradford Pest Control Team

The Bradford branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers:
  • Bradford
  • Broomfields
  • Listerhills
  • Lidget Green
  • Manningham
  • Calverley
  • Barkerend
  • Dudley Hill
  • Tyersal Gate
  • Shipley
  • Allerton
  • Clayton
  • Farsley
  • Ravenscliffe
  • Heaton

Urban rats and mice in Bradford

Rats and mice are opportunistic scavengers flourishing in urban and suburban areas from Heaton to Listerhills, that can offer them easy food and shelter. Rodents eat anything from contents of refuse and compost bins and discarded left-overs to fruits and seeds in gardens and parks and food in our homes if they get in. If you’ve seen signs of rats or mice the safest and most effective way to get rid of rodents is by professional, targeted treatments.

Pest Control expertise throughout Bradford

Bradford is derived from the Old English brad and ford, the broad ford crossing of the Bradford Beck below the site of Bradford Cathedral, which is Bradford’s oldest building along with the Medieval Bolling Hall, which is now a museum. Bradford rose during the 19th century to be an international centre of textile manufacture. It was a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution, rapidly becoming the "wool capital of the world". Since textiles fell into decline, from the mid-20th century Bradford has emerged as a tourist destination. The city has a rich heritage in film production, becoming the first UNESCO City of Film with attractions such as the National Media Museum (the most visited museum outside London), Bradford City Park, the Alhambra theatre and Cartwright Hall.

Nightlife in Bradford has traditionally centred on Manor Row and Manningham Lane. Several clubs and pubs have opened in the West End of Bradford, around the Alhambra Theatre, which is often crowded and vibrant at night. North Parade has also seen several new bars open and is at the heart of the Independent Quarter of the city. The pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants that sustain visitors and locals alike, can offer opportunities for scavenging rats, mice, cockroaches and feral pigeons to find easy food scraps from unsecured bin bags, litter and spilt takeaways.

Within the Bradford city district there are no less than 37 parks and gardens. Lister Park, with its boating lake and Mughal Water Gardens, was voted Britain's Best Park for 2006, whilst Bowling Park in East Bowling is the site of the annual Bradford Carnival. Bradford City Park is a public space in the heart of Bradford which contains the largest man-made water feature in any UK city. Rodents will use these green corridors and open spaces as safe harbourages to nest. Rats will then forage in nearby sheds, basements, garages and gardens for food scraps, spilt litter, unsecured bins and any other potential food sources.

Our local based technicians have the experience to resolve pest problems in any situation, understanding pest infestations can be upsetting and a quick response is vital to ensuring your family or business are kept safe.

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