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Sunderland Property Care

Property care issues in and around Sunderland? You're in good hands with our local Rentokil Property Care team.

Located in the North East county of Tyne and Wear, the costal city of Sunderland can be susceptible to torrential storms and flooding which can damage buildings of any size, age or style. This can cause the physical barriers of your residential or commercial property to be compromised leaving you exposed to other issues such as wood-boring beetles, damp and wet or dry rot.

When it comes to your home, property or business, you can't take any risks. Rentokil Property Care services give our customers local, tailored solutions backed by a large nationwide company that you can trust.

Areas covered by our Sunderland Property Care Team

The Sunderland branch of Rentokil Property Care covers:

  • Sunderland
  • Castletown
  • Fulwell
  • Southwick
  • Houghton-le-Spring
  • Seaburn
  • Pallion
  • Cleadon
  • Ashbrooke

Looking for property care solutions near Sunderland but your area isn't listed? Not to worry, our nationwide service means we are always right on your doorstep.

Residential Property Care in Sunderland

Rentokil residential property care services in Sunderland are conducted by our local team of expert surveyors and technicians to ensure your home is properly cared for. As a costal city, homes and properties in Sunderland can be prone to damp, woodworm and rot, especially those closer to the coast and the River Wear.

Our technicians are here to provide you with professional property care fine tuned to your local area making sure you are in safe hands.

    • Damp – Damage to physical barriers, such as the floor or walls, can lead to home or property damp issues, especially for our local Sunderland residents. A survey conducted by our Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) will identify the cause of damp and recommend a tailored treatment for your home.
    • Woodworm – Residential woodworm infestations in Sunderland can cause your home to be structurally unsafe posing a risk to you and your family. Our team of experts produce detailed a survey identifying the species, activity level and extent of your woodworm problem. Like all our locations, Sunderland residents are covered by our 30 year woodworm guarantee keeping you at ease.
    • Wood Rot – Moisture within residential home timbers can allow wet and dry rot to form and eventually cause dangerous structural issues. Our local experts are trained to locate, eliminate and remove rot and replace timbers with preservative-treated timbers ensuring our treatment is guaranteed for 30 years.

Commercial Property Care in Sunderland

We offer commercial property care in Sunderland by our local team of experts for businesses of all sizes. Businesses in Sunderland, especially those close to the River Wear and the coast, are prone to a number of property issues, including damp, woodworm and rot. Luckily our property specialists are on hand to treat any issues you may have with your facilities.

  • Damp – Commercial damp issues in Sunderland can occur when there is damage to the physical barrier of a property, such as walls or floors. If left untreated, damp can lead to structural issues increasing the risk towards your business. Learn more »

    Woodworm – Long term commercial woodworm infestations in Sunderland can cause structural failures if left untreated. It is essential that if you suspect an infestation, you seek our professional pest treatment to protect your business. Learn more »

    Wood Rot – Commercial properties in Sunderland can be more susceptible to wood rot due to its costal location. Moisture within the timbers gives fungus the ideal environment to grow and cause structural issues proving dangerous for any business. Learn more »

Sunderland Property Care

Providing you with a local, high quality wood rot, damp and woodworm treatment service is essential for our Sunderland team of property care experts. Our Sunderland branch offer you:

  • Local knowledge
  • 60 years of experience
  • Residential property care
  • Commercial property care
  • Innovative products and the latest technology
  • Local Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT)

Whether you live or do business in Sunderland city centre, rural market towns or costal homes such as Seaburn, our team are here to help. Regional surveyors and technicians couple local building knowledge with fine tuned property care expertise to ensure your home or business is in safe hands.

We use innovative products and the latest technology to offer our Sunderland customers tailored solutions to property care issues based on individual requirements with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Branch Manager

Name: Mark Kirk
Job Title: Branch Manager
Qualifications: CSRT and CSSW

"I have just completed 20 years with Rentokil, the last 10 as a Branch Manager, and there's not much in the realm of damp and decay I have not encountered! I have always taken pride in delivering the finest customer service whilst providing value for money."


Name: Richard Leckie
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: CSRT

"I provide all my customers with the best possible customer service, ensuring that they is happy with the quality of work from start to finish."

Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment

In order to give our Sunderland customers service of the highest quality; all of our local surveyors are Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT), a qualification recognised within the property care industry. Whether it's timber treatment, penetrating damp treatment or woodworm treatment, this qualification gives Rentokil Property Care surveyors expertise to deal with all your property care issues.