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Weymouth Propery Care

We provide fast, reliable and effective property care services to all local residents and business owners in and around the Weymouth area. 

We regularly deal with the most common of property care issues throughout the Weymouth area, including wood-boring insects, rising damp, condensation and wet or dry rot. Backed by the resources of a national company, we provide quality, local property care services, tailored to the needs of our customers from residential homeowners to a wide variety of businesses, large and small.

Areas covered by our Weymouth Property Care Team

The Weymouth branch of Rentokil Property Care covers:

  • Portland
  • East Fleet
  • Dorchester
  • Winterborne
  • Monkton
  • Longton Herring
  • Weston
  • Bincombe
  • West Knighton

Residential Property Care in Weymouth

All households and residential properties in and around Weymouth are under the protection of local and responsive property care experts. Therefore, if you're suffering from unwanted wood rot, damp or a woodworm infestation, then you should to contact us to not only get a better understanding of your issue, but to get yourself quality, long-lasting treatments. 

    • Damp – Spotting the signs of damp can be easy, when you know what you're looking for. However, if you do not know the initial signs of damp within a property, It can be difficult to notice until it's too late. Spotting the signs early can reduce the amount of overall damage to your property. So if you're unsure if damp is present in your household then you should get in touch with our local Weymouth team to book yourself a detailed survey report.  
    • Woodworm – Have you noticed that round miniscule holes have started to appear on the wooden components of your property? If this is the case then you need to contact your local Weymouth branch as promptly as possible. Woodworm infestations can become extremely dangerous to anyone living in the presence of one. Our surveyors will assess your particular issue and tailor a solution specifically for your property.
    • Wood Rot – The two main causes of wood rot are damp problems and poor ventilation - this is because they both increase the percentage of moisture in the air of a property; thus creating the perfect conditions for fungal growth. Your local experts at the Weymouth branch are specially trained to identify and replace rotten timbers with preservative-treated timbers, guaranteeing you 30 years of safe timbers.

Commercial Property Care in Weymouth

Your specially trained Weymouth team of property care experts can effectively treat the most common of commercial property damage; using up to date treatments and professional equipment. Our property care expertise is available to any size business operating in and around the Weymouth area. In order to provide your employees and customers with the safest possible environment, then book a survey appointment today.

    • Damp – If you have started to smell damp and musty scents around certain areas of your commercial property, then it is possible that damp has began to emerge. To be certain, you would need an accurate diagnosis from one of our local property care specialists. Our solutions and treatments not only get rid of your problem; we can also provide prevention solutions to deter future problems.  Learn more »

    • Woodworm –  Because most signs of woodworm are relatively blatant, it is important for those businesses with employees and customers in the building to get an infestation resolved as soon as possible. We offer woodworm treatments to all businesses in the Weymouth area and these treatments all carry a 30 year guarantee - assuring your businesses safety.   Learn more »

    • Wood Rot – Both types of rot can be very dangerous for any business. If you've suspected some sudden or gradual changes to interior or exterior of your business then we are here to help. We can provide a detailed survey report that clearly outlines the specifics of your issue and our technicians can carry out tailored treatments.  Learn more »

Weymouth Property Care

Our team of Weymouth surveyors and technicians aim deliver the highest quality local property care services with the full backing of a trusted nationwide company. The Weymouth Branch of Rentokil Property Care provides you with:

  • Local knowledge
  • 60 years of experience
  • Residential property care
  • Commercial property care
  • Innovative products and the latest technology
  • Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT)

Weymouth is situated on a sheltered bay at the mouth of the River Wey on the English Channel coast. Overtime the villages of Upwey, Broadwey, Preston, Wyke Regis, Chickerell, Southill, Radipole and Littlemoor have been absorbed into the built-up area. Weymouth's esplanade is a collection of Georgian terraces, forming a long, continuous arc of buildings which face Weymouth Bay. Many were built out of Portland Stone, the famous stone of the nearby Portland's quarries and were constructed in the Georgian and Regency periods between 1770 and 1855 but have since been converted into apartments, shops, hotels and guest houses. Properties from any era and of any size can become susceptible to problems such as woodworm, which may go unnoticed for many years until the adult beetles emerge from the timber. Our team of local, Dorset property care professionals will help keep your home in perfect condition. 

Weymouth is built on is very low-lying sand and clay with large areas below sea level, making the eastern areas of the town more susceptible to flooding during extreme low pressure storms. This has led in recent years to a sea wall being built around Weymouth Harbour and along the coast road in Preston. Excess damp from flooding or prolonged heavy rains can get into the structure of a property leading damage and timber decay from penetrating or rising damp. Problems such as dry rot can occur months after the water levels have returned to normal, in voids or under floorboards which are out of everyday sight. Our team of local, qualified damp specialists can resolve damp or rot problems, keeping your property in good order.

Branch Manager

Name: Belinda Helme
Job Title: Branch Manager
Qualifications: CSRT and CSSW

"I have worked for Rentokil Property Care for over 20 years in a variety of roles. With 15 years surveying experience. I am currently managing South West England & South Wales. Working as a team, our focus is to provide a high quality professional service to our customers."


Name: Josh Murkin
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: BSc

"I enjoy working for Rentokil Property Care as a Surveyor, using my Building Surveyor's degree gained from Greenwich University to offer solutions to timber and damp problems in buildings."


Name: Tom Quick
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: BSc

"I have worked for Rentokil Property Care for over 2 years and have gained a wide knowledge base within the building industry, which has proved valuable when identifying defects and recommending suitable remedial treatment for the preservation of your property."

Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment

Any damage caused by rot or damp problems are not always immediately noticeable. So it is important to act fast, as the quicker the issue is identified – the quicker effective treatment can be implemented before more serious damage can occur to your property. Our property care specialists are Certificated Surveyors in in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and have the knowledge, expertise and resources to identify the causes, and offer effective solutions to help keep your home free from woodworm, rot and damp. With over 60 years of experience in resolving these issues our treatments for rising damp, fungal decay and woodworm all carry a 30 year guarantee for your peace of mind.