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Dry Rot

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What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot (serpula lacrymans) is a form of timber decay that can cause severe structural damage to buildings by weakening the timber strength in floorboards and joists. A wood-destroying fungus, dry rot thrives on moisture found in timber as a result of excess water. When timber becomes saturated the dry rot fungus will germinate, grow and eventually release spores into the air. This allows the fungus to spread around your property requiring immediate dry rot treatment.

If your home or business is experiencing issues with suspected dry rot, we would recommend a professional timber survey to be conducted on your property. If you believe you have dry rot in your property, get in touch with our team today on 0800 0121 437 or click the button below to book a thorough property survey with our dry rot experts.

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How Does Dry Rot Affect your Property

Unlike similar wood-decaying fungi like wet rot, dry rot can spread and grow over building materials other than timber such as masonry, this means an outbreak can quickly develop unnoticed. If left untreated, dry rot can cause serious damage to your property as dry rot fungus can weaken the structural timber.

How to Identify Dry Rot

  • Damp Smell - Dry rot will produce a distinct musty mushroom smell

  • Spore Dust - Large concentrates of fine brown dust can indicate an outbreak of dry rot is present

  • Hyphae - Fine strands of fungal growth dry rot spores produce when they come into contact with timber in damp and humid conditions. They grow by extracting the moisture from timber.

  • Mycelium - As the hyphae grows, the strands combine together to form a white cotton wool-like fungus called Mycelium to spread to unaffected timber.

  • Darken Damaged Timber - As dry rot develops, timber affected by dry rot will begin to discolour and become brittle and crack into cubes

  • Dry Rot Fungus - A mushroom-like orange fungus, the fruiting body of dry rot can be found in warm, damp, dark ventilated places to grow such as under floorboards, cavity walls or in the attic

What Causes Dry Rot?

Dry rot requires unprotected timbers to become damp, with a moisture content of around 20% to thrive.

The combination of moisture and poor ventilation, with dry rot spores in the atmosphere, left overtime starts a chain reaction of germination producing fine strands of fungal growth.

Dry Rot Treatment

Despite the serious nature of wood rot, if dry rot is identified quickly, a less invasive and more cost-effective, treatment will be required. During our dry rot treatment plan, our expert team of surveyors and technicians will assess the extent of your dry rot problem before carrying our remedial repair work to resolve your dry rot issue.

For any wood rot treatment, we aim to:

  • Remove the moisture source and promote rapid drying
  • Repair and replace any damaged timbers
  • Kill off the existing infestation
  • Prevent further attack

Contact Our Experts in Property Care

Our dry rot experts are only one phone call away to resolving your dry rot problems. If you suspect or are unsure if your property could have dry rot, we are here to help. Our team of locally-based experts are experienced in identifying, removing and treating against dry rot. Click on the button below to complete our online survey booking form.

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