Adult bed bug spotted on skin of persons arm biting and taking a blood feed that can result in an a bed bug rash developing if the person is allergic to the bite

Green Bed Bugs Solution for Businesses

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Green Bed Bugs Solution for Businesses

Bed bugs can be a potential risk for any business. They are difficult to prevent as bedbugs can be brought into your premises by unsuspecting guests in luggage and clothing. Organisations offering:

  • Accommodation - hotels, guesthouses, hostels, holiday lets
  • Transportation - airlines, railways, coaches, buses
  • Public Institutions - healthcare, prisons, universities

All these businesses face a much higher risk of bed bug infestations. In these highly frequented environments, early detection and fast, effective bed bug control solutions are critical to ensure your business experiences the minimum amount of disruption.

A bed bug problem can spread very quickly and if left uncontrolled can result in a variety of negative issues, putting your business in jeopardy of loss of income due to room downtime and loss of dining heads. The presence of bed bugs also poses a high risk of anxiety and stress associated with bed bug bites and potential customer complaints leading to loss of revenue and reputation.

Sustainable Green Bed Bugs Solution

Rentokil's Green Bed Bug Solution provides a sustainable and safe bed bug eradication programme, with zero toxicity.

Our green zero toxicity solution utilises a steam treatment at 180oC to cause thermal shock to bed bugs at all life stages, helping to eradicate them from your premises. This can be used on any surface or fabric and can be directed into most hidden cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be harbouring.

In addition to superheated steam, we use a range of non-toxic insecticdes which work by controlling bed bugs using physical, rather than chemical modes of action. There are many benefits for your business by treating a bed bugs infestation using our green zero toxicity solutions, these include:

  • Minimal Disruption - quick turnaround ensures rooms are ready to use immediately after treatment.
  • Cost Effective - safe, effective removal of bed bugs with no risk of damage to materials or property.
  • Sustainable Solution - non-toxic approach, which reduces the use of pesticides.

This sustainable, zero toxicity treatment is best suited for light to medium bed bug infestations, and is completed safely and effectively by trained and qualified Rentokil technicians.  

Rentokil Bed Bug Monitor

This is a unique and effective 'early warning' monitoring system for bed bug activity. The monitor is part of a proactive surveillance programme to help detect the presence of bed bugs at strategic locations within a bedroom or other high risk locations.

The Rentokil Bed bug Monitor uses a lure that mimics human blood, to attract nymphal and adult bed bugs into it, allowing early warning of a potential infestation. This then allows bespoke control treatments to be implemented before the bed bugs have the opportunity to spread throughout the building.

Professional Bed Bugs Treatment in the UK

We provide a full range of targeted bed bug control solutions, from heat treatment to zero toxicity solutions, suitable for use in all types of environments, locations and businesses. As a nationwide pest controller with local teams across the UK, we can respond quickly to your needs and offer innovative solutions to protect your business.

As part of our service, we offer a free initial inspection of your business site to enable us to develop the most effective, customised treatment plan for your premises. Our bed bug service benefits include:

Quick Response Times - we can respond swiftly to your call to arrange a business survey to identify the areas of issue and the best control solutions for that issue.

BPCA Certified Surveyors - with sector specific expertise will identify the scale of an infestation and create a tailored, targeted solution.

Experienced, Qualified Technicians - understand the needs and requirements of hotels and other hospitality businesses, to ensure safe, discreet, targeted and, effective treatment.

Cube Concept Approach - critical to treating adjacent rooms in hospitality environments. As well as treating the infested room this concept includes inspections of surrounding rooms (and treatment if required). Bed bugs can spread quickly to adjacent rooms.

Proactive Service - to help reduce future risks, by utilising risk assessments, staff training and dynamic inspections. Our recommendation would be to inspect all vulnerable areas at least once a year, although the exact details of the programme will be agreed with you.

Call Rentokil today, for safe, effective, non-toxic treatment of a bed bugs infestation.

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