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Bird Point System

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Bird Point System

Birds roosting around your premises can cause problems for businesses. Pigeons, especially, congregate in large numbers once they find an area they like. They can be noisy, messy, disruptive and unhygienic, putting off customers and staff alike. There is also the potential of damage to your property from detritus and fouling generated by them and susequent costs of cleaning and repair.

One of the simplest ways to deter birds permanently is by using a Bird Point system. These are harmless and move birds on from favoured roosting sites so your business can carry on undisturbed. However they should only be used where 'roosting' and 'resting' occurs, not where nesting is taking place.

Rentokil Bird Point system can be used to deter against roosting gulls as well as feral pigeons. However the system is not suitable for bird species smaller than the size of feral pigeons.

Rentokil Bird Point System

Our effective Bird Point system offers you several advantages:

  • Versatile - Protect all areas, such as ledges, sills, chimneys and gutters, from pigeons or gulls attempting to roost or nest.
  • Gentle - Spring loaded blunt needles gently tip birds off balance as they try to settle, encouraging them to settle elsewhere.
  • Long-lasting - The sturdy polycarbonate base of the Bird Point syatem is unaffected by the elements, so you can fit them and forget them. They are made from BS316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel - which does not rust.
  • Five year guarantee - Like all our bird-proofing treatments, our Bird Point system comes with a five year guarantee. They’re installed by dedicated, expert highly trained technicians who take great pride in the high standard of their work.

Daddi Long Legs Bird Deterrent

Our effective Daddi Long Legs Bird Deterrent system helps to deny gulls their roosting points and prevents the build up of fouling. This is a spider-like deterrent with a rotating head and fine stainless steel wire arms. These flexible arms move and sway with the wind. As the birds feet touch the wires, they feel unsafe and abort their landing.

It makes the site less attractive to the gulls as the favoured roosting point for 'lookouts' are denied, making the site potentially more dangerous for the flock.

Call us to discuss suitable Bird Point systems and other solutions to deter nuisance birds in and around your premises. Our safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly bird deterrents will deter birds without harming them.

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