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How to Get Rid of Flies

If you have a problem with flies in your home or business, there are ways you can help get rid of them:

  • You can make some practical, cost-free changes around your premises to deter flies. This may be as simple as doing some thorough deep-cleaning.
  • Use some low-cost DIY fly products, which may sometimes require time to install but could further help your efforts at fly control.
  • Alternatively, you can rely on professional fly control from BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified and experienced Rentokil pest control experts to guarantee a long-term solution to your fly problem.
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Rentokil’s Professional Service for Flies

Our service includes the elimination of adult flies and the removal of any breeding sites, which could create more problems in the future.

  • Correct identification of fly species.
  • All our technicians are BPCA certified to guarantee expertise in the field of fly control.
  • Our targeted treatments can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Innovative solutions using parasitic wasps for biological control.
  • We have a range of effective fly control solutions, including Rentokil fly box and electric fly killers.
  • We provide expert advice on how to prevent future fly infestations.
  • We offer a free survey of your business premises to identify your specific problem.

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For a large or repeat fly infestation you will need professional treatments, but our range of DIY fly products can help with a small problem.

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Getting Rid of Flies

During a fly’s lifetime (around 30 days), a female will lay between 400-600 eggs.
Based on this fact, it is easy to see how a small problem can quickly turn into a large infestation if you do nothing to control flies.

Once a problem has been identified, there are simple ways you can get rid of flies and reduce their numbers on your property.

Tips to help prevent flies:

    • Control moisture - fix leaky taps and blocked drains where water can gather. Flies need moisture to multiply.
    • Keep food covered - any type of food, even crumbs, can attract flies and encourage them to lay eggs nearby. Leftovers should be carefully covered up. Their contact with your food is also main cause of food contamination.
    • Stay hygienic - keep your bins, sinks and food areas clean.
    • Cover entry points - fit fly screens to windows, keep windows and doors shut at night and consider installing a fly killer unit.
    • Bird feeders - keep bird feeders clean and remove bird food before dusk.
    • Remove clutter - eliminate clutter inside the house and in the garden. Messy sites could be a potential breeding site.