Keeping wasps at bay this summer

Around May and June worker wasps collect protein, usually in the form of insects such as aphids, so their presence can benefit the household gardener. However, later in the summer wasps are freed from their duty of feeding their young larvae and begin to indulge themselves in eating sugars. At this point they become more attracted to sweet food and beverages, such as ice creams and juice, becoming a nuisance guest at picnics and garden parties.

To avoid attracting wasps all kitchen waste should be disposed of properly. Food and drink waste should be disposed of in sealed bags and containers to help prevent attracting not only of insects such as wasps, but other pests like rodents and birds too. Where possible, food and drink should be also stored in sealed containers to prevent attracting pests.

There are wasp traps available on the shelves of many supermarkets or DIY stores if you are experiencing issues with the insect. The Rentokil Wasp Pot contains a sweet liquid to attract wasps to the pot, trapping them inside. This makes the pot easy to clean, and to dispose of any trapped wasps discreetly. However, we advise that pots are serviced by professional technicians when possible to reduce the risk of wasp stings.