2018 News

Don’t let rodents become a ‘perm-anent’ salon resident

Salons and hairdressers prove attractive places for rodents, which may seek shelter in cupboards or store rooms, food from crumbs in the kitchen area, and even strands of hair to make their nests

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PestConnect system wins CBRE innovation award

Rentokil's PestConnect system has won the Innovation of the Year Award at CBRE’s Annual Supply Chain Innovation Competition ‘The Great Idea’.

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Keeping spiders away

Five top tips to make your home as unwelcome as possible to our eight legged friends.

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British clothes under threat from more moths

A Rentokil survey found 13% of respondents have had a moth problem, suggesting more than 6.8 million Brits have experienced damage due to larvae feeding on their belongings.

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Keeping wasps at bay this summer

In early summer worker wasps collect protein however, later in the summer wasps are freed from their duty of feeding their young larvae and at this point become more attracted to sweet food and beverages.

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Lumnia Ultimate innovative fly control

Lumnia Ultimate introduces black LED strips, which create a high contrast affect, proven to be a greater source of attraction to flies. With a higher UV output and catchment area, Lumnia Ultimate is 41% more efficient at catching flies

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Summer antics! Ant activity soars across the UK

Experts warn of a ‘bumper year’ for flying ants

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Defending Facilities from Gulls

Gulls, pigeons and other nuisance birds, can prove a real headache for facilities managers who want to stop them attacking visitors and damaging their premises.

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Keeping rodents out of garden centres

Rodents are always in search of warm, dry harbourages and new food sources, Garden centres offer the perfect place for them to hide

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Cockroaches in coffee machines - advice on dealing with pests in cafes

It’s no surprise that cockroaches would find a coffee machine an appealing place to live. They are a great harbourage, as they provide a source of warmth, moisture and food.

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Banishing rodents from farmyard buildings

Farmyard buildings can become the perfect home for rodents due to the abundance of food and shelter they provide.

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Fighting a 50 year battle with pests

He’s worked on every jobsite imaginable with Rentokil, from the hulls of cargo ships, coal mines and cold storage depots, to supermarkets during his tenure.

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