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Spider Bites

The vast majority of spiders are not considered pests and do not bite. None of the indigenous UK Spider species are considered dangerous.

Most spiders do not bite people. Spider bites will have very little effect on most people, but a small minority of species may cause a reaction due to the venom injected.

Read further information about the bites of a False Widow and a Yellow Sac spider:

Spider Bites in the UK

The vast majority of spiders found in the UK are harmless and not considered to be pests. Although False Widow and Yellow Sac spiders are found in Britain, they are quite rare. Learn the difference between a false widow and black widow spider.

False Widow Spider

Adult False Widow (Steatoda Nobilis) spiders are not naturally aggressive towards people.

  • They only bite as a defensive measure if they feel threatened.
  • Most defensive bites to people occur when the spider is unintentionally squeezed or pinched.
  • Bites may result in localised pain, tingling and small swelling around the bite.
  • Occasionally more serious symptoms can occur but are usually an exceptional reaction of the individual to the spider’s venom.

Yellow Sac Spider

Their bite is sharp and painful and can cause erythema and swelling.

  • A wheal may develop, producing a necrotic area which can take eight weeks to heal.
  • Pain or numbness at the site of the bite may be followed by sweating and nausea lasting for up to 24 hours.

Are You Worried About Spider Bites?

If you have spotted signs of spiders, it is more than likely they are harmless casual intruders and will not bite. The most effective way to control or get rid of spiders is to limit their food source by clearing away dead flies, woodlice and other crawling insects. 

If you still have concerns regarding a particular spider species or wish to know more about UK spiders visit the British Arachnological Society website.

We offer a 'peace of mind' spider inspection and monitoring service for businesses, aimed at identifying specific spider species that may be an issue and confirming those which are harmless.