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How To Get Rid of Woodworm

Getting rid of woodworm is essential for the health of your property. An active woodworm infestation in your property is caused by the larvae of wood-boring beetles feeding on the timber frame of your property. This leaves a network of tunnels that can have a significant impact on structural integrity.

If you want to find out more information on how to get rid of woodworm, this page will cover DIY and professional solutions. If you want professional woodworm treatment, the qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians at Rentokil Property Care can provide a full diagnosis and treatment from one of our local branches all across the UK.

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Identifying Woodworm

Identifying a woodworm infestation can be challenging as woodworm larvae can go unnoticed for many years while they feed. This is why knowing the signs of woodworm is just as critical as being able to identify the beetles/larvae themselves. Crumbling wood, bore dust, exit holes and tunnels in timber can all point to an active woodworm infestation.

This is where a trained, professional property care surveyor can really be of help. Trained surveyors can correctly identify the presence and extent of a woodworm infestation and this will help you to choose the most effective control method.

Choose Your Method

DIY or Professional?

When it comes to getting rid of woodworm, you have two options: DIY or hire a professional.

The DIY option requires the purchase and correct use of DIY woodworm treatment products as well as some home improvement actions. The professional option requires you to book a survey with a local, qualified surveyor who will devise a suitable treatment plan.

  • DIY Woodworm Treatment Options

    A combination of woodworm treatment fluid that can be found in any leading DIY store and minor home improvement is the only real DIY treatment for woodworm. The fluids should kill larvae, eggs and beetles but this will not prevent a repeat infestation unless your loft is properly insulated and any affected rooms are well ventilated - thereby keeping your property dry and unappealing to wood boring beetles.

    DIY solutions can be a viable alternative to professional treatment, but it does carry risks:

    • DIY cannot guarantee complete removal of a woodworm problem
    • Treatment fluids need to be used correctly to have any effect
    • Treatment fluids will only be effective on small areas or furniture
    • DIY solutions have no guarantee to back them up if they fail

  • Professional Woodworm Treatment

    At Rentokil Property Care our professional woodworm treatment will ensure your home or business remains woodworm-free long-term.
    Calling a woodworm specialist is the only way to get complete peace of mind when tackling woodworm. Not only are our surveyors trained and experienced in this kind of work, but the treatment programmes they recommend are also backed up by a 30-year woodworm guarantee. Rentokil Property Care offer:
    • Over 60 years of experience tackling woodworm problems
    • Fully qualified and trained surveyors and technicians
    • Tailored treatments based on the uniqueness of your home or business premises
    • Treatment programmes accredited by The Property Care Association, Trust Mark and other reputable trade bodies.

Take Action

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