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How To Get Rid of Woodworm

High moisture areas and timbers are most suceptible to woodworm as they prefer high humidity. Removing the humidity, by ventalating and heating your property properly, will make it less attractive to woodwom, ultimately preventing a woodworm infestation.

Woodworm exit holes can be found in timber and often form between the May and October. These holes can seriously weaken timber if left untreated which can be a hazard to your health.

Identifying Woodworm

The first step to solving any property care problem is to know what you are dealing with.

In this case, you need to be sure you have a Woodworm problem and not any other issue. Solutions can vary greatly depending on the species infesting your home or business.

The situation can be even more challenging as woodworm can go unnoticed for many years while they feed. Even when spotted, woodworm can be quite difficult to identify.

Knowing the signs of a woodworm infestation is therefore just as critical as being able to correctly identify visible woodworm. This is where a trained, professional property care surveyor can really be of help.

Correct identification will help you to choose the most effective control method, helping to save you time, money and worry.

Choose Your Method

DIY or Professional?

When it comes to getting rid of woodowrm, you have two options: DIY or hire a professional.

The DIY option requires the purchase and correct use of DIY woodworm treatment products as well as some home improvement actions.

The professional option requires you to find your local, expert property care surveyor to get rid of the problem for you.

  • DIY Woodworm Treatment Options

    If you decide to treat the woodworm on your own, you have a few basic and cheap options available.

    You could buy some woodworm treatment fluid that can be found in any leading supermarket or DIY store. These fluids are used to kill larvae, eggs and beetles and are often have very little odour.

    Home improvement is another key action. Making sure that your loft is properly insulated and all rooms are well ventilated will keep your property dry; helping prevent any future woodworm infestations.

    Although a DIY solution is a cheaper alternative to professional treatment, it does have some risks.

    • DIY cannot guarantee complete removal of a woodworm problem.
    • Products need to be used correctly to have any effect - always follow the instructions carefully.
    • Products can will only be effective on small areas or furniture - large areas such as lofts will need professional treatment
    • DIY solutions may need longer time to take effect - if woodworm are allowed to thrive in your home or business, their numbers can very quickly multiply leaving you with a bigger problem than you started with.

  • Benefits of a Professional Woodworm Treatment Serv

    How to Get Rid of Woodworm in Your Home

    A woodworm infestation in your home not only causes genuine health risks but also inspires real fear and stress.

    If you have never had woodworm before it is unlikely you will know exactly what action to take. Most people do not worry about a woodworm problem until signs start to appear.

    Calling a woodworm specialist can be much more reassuring then taking the woodworm problems into your own hands.

    In this way you can be sure that the professional products used in your home are as safe as possible for both children and pets and crucially as effective as possible. The less time spent with woodworm in your home, the better.

    How to Get Rid of Woodworm in Your Business

    The level of risk posed by woodworm to a business will vary greatly depending on the type of industry, its size and the legislation requirements.

    The business impact of pests is well known and can affect brand reputation, customer reviews, employee morale, operational efficiency and ultimately revenue and profits.

    Most businesses cannot afford to waste time experimenting with their own version of woodworm control - the risks are simply too high.

    Instead, you should rely on a professional service offered by a reputable woodworm treatment company. A partnership such as this will help to protect your business long-term against future property care problems and reflect positively on the business from the view of stakeholders, peers and your customers.

  • How To Choose your Woodworm Specialist

    To find the right professional property care company, you need to ensure the entire organization, as well as the surveyors and technicians are able to fulfil key criteria.

    You should expect the same level of competence and duty of care as provided by any other professional service provider.

    A good property care partner should be able to anticipate and answer all your questions, including health and safety concerns. Services and treatments should be tailored to suit your needs as much as possible.

    Crucially a professional should also respect your home, property or business site and operate with the greatest care and attention. He or she should be able to voice any challenges or restrictions right from the start. Equally, as a customer, you should always feel able to voice any concerns and ask as many questions as you need to.

    Key criteria for Selection:

    1. Certifications - licenses and certifications will demonstrate that your treatments are carried out to the highest industry standard practices.
    2. Affiliated associations - membership of recognized industry associations such as the Property Care Association (PCA) will ensure your services are provided by a trained, insured and trusted company, which has to comply with strict membership criteria.
    3. Personal recommendations - even today, word-of-mouth and personal recommendations can be more powerful than a company’s own word. Speak to neighbours, peers, friends or family to find out about customer satisfaction.
    4. Online reviews - you may not know them, but they have all had experiences with woodworm treatment companies. Reading both the good and bad reviews can give you a real insight into any company.
    5. Transparency - complete honesty and transparency early-on regarding the cost, level and duration of treatment required will help you see if the company is reliable
    6. Expertise & experience - a well established, recognized company can offer a peace of mind in the services provided and its relationship with customers.

  • Why Use Rentokil?

    With Rentokil Property Care, you can be assured of complete property protection.

    Our focus on property care solutions will ensure complete removal of your woodworm. At the same time, our approach to damp protection will help your home or business remain woodworm-free long-term.

    With over 60 years of experience serving woodworm customers, our expertise in the industry should reassure you of the quality of our service and our expertly trained surveyors and technicians.

    • We tailor our products to target specific property care issues.
    • We customize our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building or business premises - recognising that every woodworm problem is different.
    • Our services have been audited and given a seal of approval by external organisations within the property preservation industry - helping to ensure reliability and success.

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