Black mould in corner of a wall growing

Black Mould Health Risks

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Black Mould Health Risks

First off, we are not doctors. If you experience any signs of ill health and you suspect black mould might be the cause then we would always recommend speaking to your GP for professional advice. Everything that you read on this web page about the health risks of black mould is the general point of view accepted within our industry and from recommended medical advice.

What are the Health Risks of Black Mould?

The consensus is any long-term exposure to black mould spores can make you more susceptible to breathing or ingesting mould spores that can potentially lead to health-related issues.

This does not mean anyone coming into contact with black mould will develop health issues.  However, the elderly, children and individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as allergies or a weaken immune system will be more at risk of suffering side-effects.

Common Signs of Black Mould Affecting your Health

The most common symptoms include;

-          Runny nose
-          Congestion
-          Headaches or migraines
-          Sneezing
-          Coughing
-          Sore throat
-          Nausea
-          Irritated eyes (red, bloodshot, itchy or watery)
-          Skin rashes and itching

Many suffers confuse these symptoms with hay fever or seasonal colds due to how similar they appear. More often than not the mould itself does not cause these symptoms but rather breathing in cold damp air. That said, when mould spores are inhaled over a period of time they have been known (along with the dust mites) to trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

If you or your family have any of these symptoms, contact a qualified health professional for assistance.

What to do if you have Black Mould on your walls

If you believe black mould is exacerbating your health problems, our recommendation would be avoid touching or attempt to remove the problem yourself as this could potentially aggravate your symptoms. Instead, speak to your GP or seek professional medical help and contact the experts to inspect your property.

Regarding the treatment of black mould itself, then that is something we can definitely help you with. Our local team are on hand to give you helpful expert advice on what to do and can arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your property.

To chat with one of our experts on what to do next, feel free to call your local branch on 0800 0121 437. Alternatively, click the button below to book a survey today.

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