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Black Mould Treatment & Solutions

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Black Mould Treatment and Solutions

Black mould is a common problem for many households across the UK but you can ensure the problem does not occur. There are a number of methods for treating black mould, from DIY solutions to professional chemical and ventilation solutions depending on the scale of the problem.

That said, whatever method is used, treating black mould effectively comes down to;

  • Identifying the cause and removing the source of the moisture and improving ventilation.
  • Tackling the unsightly sight of black mould with black mould chemical removal and sterilising the affected areas to prevent black mould reoccurring.

Our NEW Mould Cleaning Service

In order to provide the most thorough and comprehensive mould treatment service available, we are partnering with our colleagues at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene.

This collaboration means that should our damp and condensation experts identify that your mould problems are due to condensation that can be simply rectified with DIY solutions, we can not only provide help and guidance for you to make those changes, but also instruct our Specialist Hygiene colleagues to effectively and safely clean and remove the mould from your home.

First Step to Treating Black Mould

If you do not remove the source of the moisture you will not be able to remove the problem. Rentokil Property Care has a solution for every kind of home. From flats to houses, we will tailor any treatment method to suits your home. With our wide range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems you can be assured that not only will your indoor air quality be dramatically improved, but so will your health and heating costs.

Treating Black Mould - Where do I start?

Tackle Excess Moisture

The root of any black mould outbreak is usually down to excess moisture (condensation). The first step is to identify the source of the moisture. Once identified, taking action to reduce the amount of moisture should start to alleviate black mould.

Our recommended DIY tips include:

  • Opening windows and doors - opening windows and doors often will allow your home to ventilate more efficiently. If trickle vents are fitted to double glazing use them.
  • Turn on the extractor fans and opening windows when taking a hot shower. If you are still struggling, try reducing the temperature of your water and gradually adjusting - allowing the room to naturally warm up and reducing the amount of steam. Always keep the door closed and for a period after until the room cools.
  • While cooking, cover pots with lids and be careful of over boiling.
  • Always use an extractor fan whilst cooking to prevent steam build up.
  • If you can, dry clothes outside instead of on radiators. If you don’t have the option, dry clothes in a closed room or bathroom with the window open/extractor fans on.

Professional Solutions

Whilst DIY solutions can effectively reduce black mould and prevent recurrent outbreaks in the short term, for a long-term fix and persistent cases, you may need to tackle improving ventilation in your home with mechanical ventilation such as Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

Rentokil’s positive input ventilation unit can improve the air quality in your home by circulating fresh air through the whole house - not just in the affected areas. Using clean filtered air from outdoors the PIV ventilates the whole house gently from a central position, pushing out the mouldy damp air in the property, with positive results after 4-6 weeks.

In order to offer a professional mould cleaning treatment, Rentokil Property Care have partnered with Rentokil Specialist Hygiene to offer a comprehensive cleaning package to clean and remove the mould affecting the premises. Our professional damp specialists are able to identify the source of the damp issue and offer a range of solutions to stop the problem coming back and our Specialist Hygiene colleagues can effectively and safely clean and remove the mould from your home.

Black Mould Removal Products

No matter if you are applying a DIY or professional solution, black mould still needs to be sterilised from the affected area. This can easily be done using a combination of cleaning and sterilisation products to physically remove black mould.

Wipe down the affected area with a mouldicide or fungicidal wash. Look for a brand that carries a Health and Safety Executive approval number is recommended. Following the manufacturer's instructions, you should start to see immediate results if carried out effectively. After treatment, we would recommend using a quality anti-condensation treatment. Our Rentokil Warmerwall Anti-Condensation Paint combats condensation and fungal growth by creating a small thermal barrier between cold surfaces and warmer surrounding temperatures. Combined with other DIY solutions, it can provide an effective remedy against mould.

Can I Not Just Wipe Off Black Mould?

Sadly, no. Soap and water is just not enough to remove black mould permantly. It needs to be treated to avoid mould occuring in the future. Simply wiping black mould will not fix the underlying issue of what is causing mould to form in the first place, excess moisture and poor ventilation. It will not matter how much you try to disguise black mould by manually cleaning or painting over it, wiping black mould will only perform a very temporary solution before recurring again and again. To tackle black mould, identifying and treating the cause of the moisture and improving ventilation when used with effective sterilisation solution.

Contact the Black Mould Experts

Rentokil Property Care offers domestic and commercial properties across the UK the very best property preservation service to treat against black mould and provides expertise to remedy the problem.

If you feel concerned about black mould in your home and want to speak to someone but don't know where to turn, then rest assured we are here to help. Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have on black mould and provide you with the best advice in order to tackle black mould.

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