Flea Control for Businesses

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Flea Control for Businesses

If fleas are not treated swiftly, flea problems can quickly affect your business reputation and revenue. Not only will staff find working in your premises intolerable, but customers might also stay away. So you’ll want to deal with the situation quickly, safely and effectively. We'll arrange appointments to sort out your flea problem discreetly with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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Rentokil’s Flea Solutions

By calling in Rentokil to deal with your flea problem swiftly, you will have the peace of mind that any infestation will be dealt with thoroughly, safely and effectively. After all, the last thing you want is for the problem to resurface in the near future, negatively impacting your business reputation and staff morale.

  • Highly effective sprays or chemical-free heat treatments to target your specific situation and effectively eliminate your flea infestation.
  • Rentokil Flea Riddance and Monitoring Soultion using a combination of targeted spray treatments and innovative flea trap monitoring units.
  • Discreet, tailored solutions and advice, so your flea problem is resolved without disrupting your business.
  • BPCA Qualified technicians understand all the problems when it comes to dealing with different species of fleas.

For fast, effective, tailored treatments call our experts.

The Monitoring Flea Trap

The monitoring trap works by attracting adult fleas from the surrounding areas. It uses a heated light source, which mimics the heat given off by host animals. The adult fleas interpret the heat as a potential host, so jump towards it. The fleas are then caught by a non-toxic sticky pad within the unit. Reducing flea numbers and acting as an effective early warning of flea activity. This means a flea infestation can be dealt with swiftly, helping to protect your staff and customers from flea bites.

Flea Riddance Fleas heat trap

Benefits of Flea Monitoring for you

Benifits for you of Flea Riddance monitoring include:

  • Early warning of fleas ensures infestation are dealt with swiftly.
  • The unit uses a low energy bulb which saves money on energy bills.
  • Is versatile, so can be positioned in any location within your premises to monitor for fleas.
  • Helps to protect your staff, customers and reputation from fleas.
Flea closeup image on finger

Five Point Plan for Flea Problems

    1. Our BPCA certified Surveyor will arrange a convenient time with you for a full and thorough inspection of your premises.
    2. Our expert will recommend a treatment plan based on your particular infestation issues – and give you a cost to put the plan into action.
    3. Once you’ve approved the price, the Surveyor will arrange times for a Technician to visit and sort out your flea problem. You may need several visits depending on the treatment option used and the size of the infestation.
    4. On the first visit, the Technician will run through the complete treatment process with you, before the work begins.
    5. We’ll also give you help and advice on how to make sure your flea problem doesn’t come back.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.