RapidPro Mouse Riddance

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RapidPro Mouse Riddance

Discovering mice on your premises is a very distressing situation. They are known to spread disease in their search for food and shelter, as well as the damaging property, equipment and furnishings with their constant gnawing.

A mouse infestation can pose a great health risk, particularly in kitchens, food storage and preparation areas where they contaminate foodstuffs. Simple measures such as proofing your property against mice are important, but if mice do gain access immediate treatment is essential.

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Fast & Effective Mouse Control

At Rentokil, we provide individually tailored solutions to effectively eliminate mice from your premises. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to mouse control ensures we use targeted solutions to quickly control mouse activity. One such solution, unique to Rentokil is the use of an acute rodenticide, known as RapidPro which eliminates mice after only one feed.

RapidPro Riddance Service

Our RapidPro Riddance Service begins with our highly-trained Rentokil technicians identifying the source of the infestation. Tamper resistant bait stations containing RapidPro acute rodenticide are strategically placed to encourage the mice to feed.

The powerful Rentokil RapidPro rodenticide controls mice population quickly and efficiently. As after just one feed it acts on the rodent’s central nervous system, putting the mouse to sleep quickly and permanently.

Benefits of RapidPro Riddance

  • Quick & effective mouse control – fast acting, acute rodenticide works after just one feed
  • Gets you back to normal quickly – visible and rapid impact on infested areas
  • Safer alternative to traditional rodenticides – reduced risk of accidental poisoning of non-target species, when used within tamper resistant bait stations
  • Helps resolve longstanding mice infestations – highly effective in environments where mice have become resistant to traditional rodenticides
  • Reduces public health risks quickly – shorter treatment time ensures you reduce risks of contamination faster

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