PestConnect system wins CBRE innovation award

Rentokil's PestConnect system has won the Innovation of the Year Award at CBRE’s Annual Supply Chain Innovation Competition ‘The Great Idea’. CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate and investment firm, and the award recognises service providers in its supply chain who demonstrate innovation and best practice.

PestConnect is a 24/7 real-time pest control monitoring service, enabling Rentokil technicians to manage rodent activity remotely. The CBRE judges were impressed by the solution, which was effectively used to control a mouse infestation in a 21-floor building in London’s financial district. 

Deploying the internet-connected system throughout the premises meant technicians were able to reduce the frequency of inspections, while still maintaining the same industry-leading levels of control and reporting. Over time the pest control team reduced weekly inspections to monthly, which minimised office disruption and immediately lowered the costs associated with onsite visits by 75%.

Overall, PestConnect is predicted to reduce the overall annual pest control spend for CBRE’s client by 77% in 2019 vs 2017. These savings will be achieved at the same time as monitoring of mouse activity is increased through the internet-connected mouse trap.

Tom Buller, Digital Development Supervisor - Connected Technology, Rentokil Pest Control, said: “Rentokil has a rich history of innovation to improve ways of working to deliver the industry-leading levels of service our customers have come to expect.

Rodents are difficult to control in office blocks, as there’s an abundance of food, warmth and hiding places that make them popular spots for mice. Using connected technology to monitor the PestConnect system remotely allows us to be aware of any issue far quicker, saves clients’ money, minimises disruption and provides real time pest control alerts.”

Angus Hanney, Global Sourcing Lead, CBRE, commented: “The client challenged us to WOW them everyday, and the Rentokil PestConnect system certainly delivered this. The significant improvement in pest activity combined with highly detailed management information, world class technology, and a reduction in site disruption was a real hit with our client. This innovative approach also resulted in significant year on year savings and therefore strengthened the relationship between all three parties!”

CBRE’s ‘The Great Idea’

The Great Idea is CBRE’s Annual Supply Chain Innovation Competition. Each year CBRE issues a challenge to preferred and approved plus suppliers, asking them to bring great ideas featuring new innovations or new/improved ways of working, which demonstrates CBRE’s Supply Chain as world class.

Rentokil PestConnect

  • Rentokil PestConnect Service is an online connected system, which provides continuous 24/7 monitoring, rapid response and protection against rodent pests.
  • Rentokil's PestConnect system is comprised of connected (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) RADAR units and a control unit which communicates with the Rentokil server. AutoGate Connect units are also available to monitor 24/7 for rats and strategically deliver toxic bait as and when required.
  • When a RADAR unit is activated by a mouse, a message is transmitted via text to a Rentokil technician alerting them immediately to the issue. The technician then visits the site to deal with the mouse activity and will also raise any recommendations associated with the intrusion, all of which is recorded on Rentokil’s online customer portal myRentokil.