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Pest Control Edinburgh

Rentokil provides specialist pest control in Edinburgh and its surrounding areas. Throughout 90+ years experience with Edinburgh’s pest control problems, we have gained industry leading knowledge and experience, which enables us to provide both residential and commercial customers with exceptional pest control advice and service. We understand that discovering a pest infestation in your home or business can be distressing. Edinburgh’s urban population, and tourism offers pests the opportunities to thrive. 

Our highly trained exterminators are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and able to deliver the best possible pest removal services throughout Edinburgh. There are very few pest problems this team have not seen and resolved before. Our Edinburgh team of experienced technicians, exterminators, surveyors, field biologists, fumigation and bird control specialists are ready to deal with your pest problem quickly and safely to ensure a pest free environment. We offer:

  • Free survey - highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points.
  • Fast effective treatments - targeted and unique for your situation.
  • Proofing & advice - helping to prevent further pest infestations.
  • British Pest Control Association - (BPCA) certified technicians working throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Pest Control for Your Home in Edinburgh

Whether it's a mouse, rat, flea or bed bug infestation, our qualified team of Edinburgh pest controllers are here to help. We offer a service tailored to your specific pest problem. Whether your home is a flat, terraced or semi-detached house, bungalow or castle, if you are being invaded by unwanted pests we are here to offer the best pest control services and advice in Edinburgh to help you become pest free.

Our professional team (qualified to British Pest Control Association level 2 and above) have the knowledge, expertise and resources to deal with any pest issues swiftly and effectively. From gnawing rodents to problems with insects like moths and bed bugs or nuisance birds (such as pigeons and seagulls) Rentokil expertise is never far from reach. Quality, local technicians, field biologists and specialist bird control technicians are on hand in and around Edinburgh to respond quickly to help keep your home pest free.

Commercial Pest Control in Edinburgh

Rentokil are the Global leaders in Commercial Pest Control. We work closely with companies across all industries to provide the best and most innovative Pest Control solutions for businesses in Edinburgh. The city centre is a highly populous area, with an array of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and takeaways, providing ideal conditions for pests. These businesses provide a continuous source of food and safe harbourage, making pest infestations a very real threat. 

The atmospheric cobbled streets and narrow wynds of Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile and medieval Old Town, along with the elegant neoclassical New Town attract a constant flow of tourists to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you are in an office, a hotel, or in a food preparation business in Edinburgh, your organisation will be susceptible to a pest infestation. Being proactive about Pest Control and remaining diligent in good hygiene practices ensures you are prepared. Our organisation has worked in Edinburgh and the UK for over 90+ years, and has experience working with businesses in all industries.

Food Safety in Edinburgh

Rentokil understand the importance of hygiene standards. We can provide your business with effective pest control services, guaranteed to eradicate a pest infestation. We aim to protect your business and make sure you comply with the legal requirements for food safety.

Hotels and Restaurants

Keep all of your guests, customers and visitors safe from unwanted pests with one of our specialist treatments

Edinburgh's Hotels and Restaurants

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for all businesses operating in the hospitality sector; we understand your customers and business reputation are at stake when a pest infestation is present. Our reputable pest removal services will keep your customers safe and ultimately enhance the way people perceive your establishment. Contact us today to protect your hotel or restaurant.

Marine & Offshore around Edinburgh

With over 30 years of experience providing effective pest control to the offshore oil, gas and marine industry, we are experts in resolving pest infestations in complex environments. Our offshore service technicians are specially trained and qualified for offshore installations.

Pests Found in the Edinburgh Area

Seasonal Pests

Rodents and Others

Edinburgh Pest Control Reviews

We appreciate how difficult it can be to make an informed decision when trying to choose a pest control service in Edinburgh. Our expertise in dealing with pest problems throughout the Edinburgh area over the past 90 years is shown through our local customers who are happy to share with you their experiences using our pest services.

Edinburgh Pest Control Prices

Pests require different solutions to control and eliminate them. Due to the huge variety in the types of buildings across Edinburgh, each pest problem will differ. There are a variety of factors in the type of services provided, which means the price of pest control can vary. Factors include;

  • The type of pest problem 
  • Size of the infestation 
  • Overall size of the property to be treated
  • Number of treatments needed

Wasp Nest Removal in Edinburgh

To get rid of wasps you do 'not' need wasp nest removal, but you do need to treat the nest and the nesting wasps. If the nest is within a cavity wall or similar enclosed space it’s unlikely you’ll be able to remove it, but the wasps and nest can still be treated. We provide effective wasp treatments across the Edinburgh region by qualified, experienced exterminators who offer expert prevention and proofing advice.

Rat and Mice Control in Edinburgh

The densely populated conurbation of Edinburgh is a haven for pests like rats and mice. As commensal pests, rodents have adapted to life in Edinburgh with ease. Both rats and house mice are omnivorous, consuming anything from contents of rubbish bags and discarded leftovers, to the contents of compost bins and fruits and seeds in the green city of Edinburgh’s gardens, parks and open spaces, such as Holyrood Park, Princes Street Gardens, Regent Gardens, Calton Hill and The Meadows.

Rat Exterminator in Edinburgh

The city's many parks and open spaces offer these creatures potential safe havens to hide and nest, along with numerous lofts and cellars throughout the Edinburgh area. However our skilled, local experts know how to find their harbourages and control these pests. Seeking professional rat removal from qualified rodent exterminators is vital to ensure any infestation is tackled quickly and effectively.

Mice Exterminator in Edinburgh

Across Edinburgh you will encounter mice at some point. House mice prefer to shelter inside buildings, remaining active all year round. Takeaways and other premises serving food in Edinburgh city centre need to be particularly vigilant as mice only need 3g of food a day to survive. Our qualified rodent exterminators offer advice on mouse proofing your property and can eliminate an existing infestation of mice swiftly.

Bed Bug Treatment in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the second most populated area in Scotland and the most visited city by foreign guests. Edinburgh’s large number of tourists staying in hotels and hostels across the city offer the bed bug population the opportunity to grow and thrive, offering safety and transportation to enable further infestations. This offers parasites such as bed bugs opportunities to flourish and spread across a variety of accommodation from hotels to self-catering. Dealing with a bed bug infestation effectively is complex, but our years of experience and expertise in pest control throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians means we offer the most effective treatments to eradicate these parasites.

Edinburgh Pest Control FAQ's

  • Are there DIY solutions for pests in Edinburgh?

    For guaranteed removal of pests in Edinburgh, we recommend seeking professional treatment from our qualified technicians, as DIY products are not as effective as specialised solutions used to eradicate pest infestations. However, Rentokil do offer a wide range of reputable DIY products to help fight small scale pest problems.

    • Rats DIY - These products are specifically designed for small scale infestations in your home or garden.
    • Mice DIY - We provide solutions for trapping and removal of mice, as well as the eliminating of the bad odours they produce.
    • Ants DIY -  These are a range of sprays, powders and gels, all used to treat common ant infestations inside and outside your property.
    • Cockroach DIY - These include powders, sprays and traps - all effective for the removal of a cockroach infestation.

  • Do you provide free quotes?

    Our initial estimate over the phone is free and without obligation. However if a survey of your property is needed, our surveyor will call you to discuss any potential cost prior to arranging the survey.

  • What are your opening times?

    Our opening times are:

    Monday – Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm

    You can contact us on 0131 516 6918 or you can fill out our contact form here.

  • Where in Edinburgh do you cover?

    The Edinburgh branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers:
    • Edinburgh
    • Falkirk
    • Livingston
    • Musselburgh
    • Peebles
    • Dunbar
    • West Calder
    • Dalkeith
    • Scottish Borders
    • Galashields
    • Hawick
    • West Linton
    • Dunblane
    • Denny
    • Queensferry

  • Can you be discreet with your services?

    We will always endeavour to tailor our visit to your premises to suit your business needs, scheduling treatments to fit around your customers, staff and clients. Our surveyors and technicians are uniformed and our vans liveried to avoid any ambiguity about our reasons for being at a location. We can attempt to park our vehicles discreetly upon request.

  • How many exterminators will treat my property?

    On most occasions just one qualified and experienced pest controller is needed to complete a pest treatment. However, depending on the size and complexity of an infestation a team of two or three pest technicians may be required.