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Heat Treatment: Entotherm Compact

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Heat Treatment: Entotherm Compact

Rentokil’s Entotherm Compact heat treatment is a chemical-free method of pest control which is highly effective against pest insects such as bed bugs, textile pests, stored product insects and cockroaches through the targeted application of heat. It reaches deep into all areas of an infestation without causing damage to the items being treated, including furniture and fabrics.

Eliminate Insect Pests in a Single Treatment

This versatile, mobile system delivers dry transferable heat using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to treat insect infestations quickly and effectively without chemicals, and is particularly suitable for establishments such as hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, care homes, museums, heritage properties, healthcare facilities, bakeries and other food businesses, domestic properties or any business dealing with clothing, fabrics and furnishings.

Benefits of Infrared Heat Treatment

The benefits that Entotherm Compact heat treatment can deliver include:

  • Minimal disruption - a single, fast and efficient treatment which eliminates pest insects (typically with half a day) and is effective against pest problems such as textile pests, bed bugs and cockroaches.
  • Protects your business reputation - as pest problems are rapidly, effectively and thoroughly eliminated, ensuring infestation are promptly managed and contained.
  • Chemical-free process - allows treated items to be re-used quickly afterwards, with no residual side effects.
  • Minimised costs – mattresses, furniture, rugs, fabrics and furnishings can be treated, saving you the costs of disposal and replacement.

Trained Rentokil specialists will conduct a thorough site assessment to ensure suitability of location and items to be treated and will then recommend the most effective treatment approach.

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How Entotherm Compact Heat Treatment Works

Professional Heat treatment kills all lifecycle stages of pest insects – eliminating eggs, larvae and adult insects all in one treatment. The heat eradicates pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches by denaturing the protein within their bodies and disrupting the waxy layers on the outside of the insect, causing dehydration.

Our Heat Treatment uses Far Infrared rays (FIR) – which work in a similar way to the suns heat, to penetrate deep into objects. Far Infrared heaters are used to emit invisible waves which are contained within the Entotherm Compact bubble. These far infrared rays are highly efficient at heating objects and not air, so penetrate items (like mattresses, furniture & furnishings) quicker, deeper and more effectively to swiftly eliminate pest insects.

Entotherm Compact with customer items to be treated
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This means quicker, more even distribution of heat to eliminate pests more effectively yet using lower energy consumption. Internal heat monitors ensure the contents being treated are carefully and evenly brought up to treatment temperatures whilst constantly being monitored.

The heat treatment bubble is compact so that it can be assembled in most rooms, yet flexible enough to be able to treat mattresses, bedframes, bedside cabinets, lamps, rugs, curtains, side tables, small book shelves, sofas, chairs and other furnishings.

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