beverley woodworm problems

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Beverley Woodworm Case Study

Having spotted evidence of woodworm in their property, Rentokil Property Care were called in to conduct a property inspection on a detached house in Beverley, just outside of Hull, in East Riding of Yorkshire.

A qualified surveyor from the Rentokil Yorkshire branch carried out the survey on the property, which included internal and external findings. Although the property was built in the early 19th century, woodworm can affect properties of any age that have timber floorboards, joists and roof timbers.

Signs of Woodworm in Beverley

Our qualified and experienced surveyor found evidence of an infestation by Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). This wood-boring insect is responsible for about 75% of all woodworm damage in this country and will attack both softwood and hardwood.

Moderate infestations were noticed across the ground floor of the property in the floorboards and supporting joists. Evidence of these infestations can be seen in different ways, including the existence of ‘bore dust’ or ‘frass’ caused by beetles exiting the timber. This fine and powdery residue is often a sign of an active infestation in timber.

Infestations can also be spotted by crumbling wood. This is caused by the larvae tunnelling and by the emergence of the adult beetles. Tiny exit holes can also be further evidence of an infestation.

Bore dust and tunnelling caused by woodworm

Images of "Bore Dust" beside exit holes and crumbling wood caused by "tunnelling".

Exit holes caused by adult woodworm emerging from timber

Small exit holes - signs of adult beetles emerging from the timber

Woodworm Treatments in Beverley & Surrounding Areas

The surveyor recommended a water based woodworm treatment which is an effective and odourless solution sprayed into the timber. This remains in the layers of timber and
woodworm flight holes to prevent any future infestations.

Due to the nature of the solution you can re-enter the treated area a short time after the treatment is completed.

Although in this case the treatment was only for a moderate infestation, if left, woodworm can cause severe damage to joists, roof beams or rafters, floorboards and other structural and  load-bearing timbers.

Guarantees & Peace of mind

Surveyor Lloyd Jones, who carried out the survey report on the property said “the works carried out in the property has stopped the woodworm infestation giving the homeowner peace of mind. Rentokil Property Care treatments are backed by a 30 Year Guarantee which means the homeowner is protected against any further infestation.

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