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External Survey For Rising Damp in Bristol

Rising damp specialists Rentokil Property Care  were invited to carry out a survey in Bristol on a terraced house after having a suspected outbreak of rising damp on the front of the property.

The surveyor conducted an internal and external inspection and found evidence of moisture penetration potentially caused by the external render being carried down to ground level. This can cause rising damp as moisture can bridge any existing damp proof course.  As the moisture rises from the ground into a wall, it carries with it soluble salts which may be deposited in the wall fabric and internal plaster.

Is Rising Damp Common in Bristol

Rising dampness is a common issue in properties across Bristol, and is a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by moisture rising via capillary action into the walls. Most masonry building materials can be subject to rising dampness and without a damp proof course your property can suffer from this problem.

Internal property survey

Inside the property the surveyor found visible signs of dampness, indicating the presence of rising damp caused by either the failure of the existing damp proof course or the bridging external render.

Our method of installing a new damp proof course will control rising dampness above the level of the newly installed damp proof course.

Identifying Rising Damp in your Property

One of the most common rising damp signs is tide marks being visible on walls. Tide marks are caused by damp evaporation and salt migration from the wall which has risen up the wall from the ground. These can be visible from the bottom of the wall up to around one metre above the floor.

If you cannot see tidemarks, another key sign to look for is damp stains or patches on your walls. These patches tend to be brown or a dark yellow and just like tidemarks they will be prevalent from the bottom of the wall to one metre above the floor.

damp proof course installation in Bristol

Images showing a bridged damp proof course and a close up of a new DPC with drip bead added to prevent moisture migration above the new damp proof course.

Rising Damp Treatment in a Bristol Property

The defects noted are likely to allow moisture to be transmitted into the building fabric. Not only is rising damp likely to spoil and damage internal finishes and decorations, but it can also put timbers within the property at serious risk from fungal decay.

Once the work was carried our specialist technicians protected the internal works area with dust sheets and floor protection to decrease mess inside. The technicians hacked off the external render in the areas below where a new damp proof course was installed, before installing a bellcast drip bead and rerendering.

Any internal plastering affected by rising damp would need to be removed and replaced. A salt retardant additive is used when applying the new plaster to prevent salt migration, which could damage the internal finishes if not used

Rising damp treatments carried out by the Rentokil Property Care Bristol team come with a 30 year guarantee offering you peace of mind, and can be passed on to new homeowners if you move.

Our Bristol Based Damp Surveyor

Local surveyor Adrian Kay who surveyed the property said “This is a common issue for properties across Bristol that have external rendering installed all the way down to the ground level. It can cause rising damp as it allows moisture to bypass any damp proof course, if there is one at all. The treatment we carried out will prevent rising damp in the property and our long term guarantee leaves the customer with peace of mind the problem won't return.”

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