ResiConnect mouse alarm for your home

Rentokil has launched a connected mousetrap for homeowners, aimed to alert them to mice intrusions and preventing infestations developing in the home. Acting like a burglar alarm for mice, ‘ResiConnect’ uses an infrared trap system linked to a central control panel, alerting Rentokil’s pest experts upon detection of a mouse intrusion. A pest controller is then dispatched to the property to dispose of the rodent and implement an effective plan to prevent further infestation, taking the hassle out of home pest control and giving residents peace of mind. 

Mice are traditionally difficult pests to control, as they can get into homes through the smallest of gaps. Their flexible skeletons allow them to fit through tiny spaces, often no bigger than the width of a pencil. Once inside they will hide behind cupboards and fridges as they seek food, feeding from up to 70 different sources a night, even though they only need three grams of food a day to survive.

The alert system includes advanced mousetrap technology called RADAR (rodent activated detection and riddance). When the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams in the RADAR, it trips a circuit to close the entrances and trap the pest. The RADAR trap then deploys carbon dioxide to kill the mouse once it has been caught. This is widely recognised as the most humane method of control, as the mouse quickly becomes unconscious and dies after being overcome by the effects of the carbon dioxide, a technique exclusive to Rentokil.


ResiConnect is installed following a consultation with a Rentokil pest expert, who identifies potential entry points to your home and determines the best locations for the RADAR units. No baits or poison are used; rather the traps are deployed in locations based on an understanding of the behaviour and biology of mice, and how they navigate around a home. ResiConnect also has its own SIM card to communicate with Rentokil’s pest experts, working completely independently from your home’s WiFi, to keep watch over your house day and night. The system’s design means that it can be discreetly deployed in the home, and the control panel can be plugged into a power socket, located in discreet areas of the home. 

David Cross, head of the technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control commented: “ResiConnect brings mouse control into the 21 st century. We know that finding mice in the home can be traumatic for many people, and ResiConnect takes all the hassle out of managing pests for the resident. Technology has an increasingly important role in the pest control business, as it helps us to spot a pest problem and helps to provide a more effective and humane treatment. 

“Quick and effective treatment is particularly important for mice as they breed so frequently and in large numbers. Mice are common pests in UK households, particularly in the colder months when they come into our homes, seeking shelter from the cold and easy access to food. They are curious and agile creatures, spreading pathogens and viruses as they investigate a home for food and potential nesting sites. The rodents breed quickly and can have up to 16 pups in each litter. In addition, their gestation period is just three weeks, so just one pair of mice can lead to a heavy infestation in a relatively short time.”