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CPD Seminars

As part of our ongoing commitment to property preservation, we are proud to offer all our commercial customers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified training seminars.

Our experienced UK-wide team are available for face-to-face seminars at a time and location that suits you. We can arrange these seminars for a small group or a larger audience at your own offices and we can tailor each presentation to suit your needs, for a small group to larger audiences. Our seminars are designed as a refresher update on the latest techniques and developments within the industry and come entirely free of charge.

All of our courses are fully accredited by the CPD standards office, ensuring they meet their quality and standards, and they count towards your CPD hours.

CPD accredited

Our CPD Seminars

At Rentokil, we understand not every property issue is the same and neither are our CPD seminars. Our CPD seminars can be tailored and specialised to meet your specific needs. If you would like a seminar about a particular topic or specialised area, please let us know in your enquiry.

Rentokil Property Care

Our Rentokil Property Care team come with years of experience in property preservation. We offer the latest advice, techniques and solution expertise. On the day you can expect;

  • A tailored seminar that suits your business needs
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject matter
  • A better understanding of the latest technological solutions available
  • Answers for any questions you may have on the topic being presented

What Do We Offer?

Damp Control in Buildings

Our damp control in buildings seminar is designed as a refresher course on the different identifiable traits of damp in properties, as well as covering the use of moisture profiling to aid diagnostics.

The seminar will focus on the different varieties of damp that can occur (lateral ingress/rainwater penetration, condensation, damp from higher ground, bridged plasterwork and rising damp) and the treatment methods available to correct these issues. 

Basement and Structural Waterproofing to BS8102

Our basement waterproofing seminar reviews the three types of waterproofing protection available (barrier protection, structurally integral protection and drained protection) and the different grades of dryness in below-ground space.

Talking points include; BS8102 revisions, the differences between the three grades of protection, the use of cementitious render and cavity drainage membrane, and changes made by the NHBC Chapter 5.4.

Condensation Control: Improving Air Quality in the Home

Our seminar takes an in-depth look at the formation of condensation and black mould within residential and commercial properties. This includes how the combination of air humidity, the variation of air temperature and cool surfaces, can have an impact on a property.

We also demonstrate best practice examples on combating mould and condensation from DIY solutions to mechanical measures such as positive input ventilation (PIV) units and filterless fans.

Woodworm and Wood Fungal Decay

The first half of our timber seminar will focus on the six most common species of wood-boring beetles in the UK. It will look at the individual characteristics of each species, the woodworm lifecycle, the importance of accurate diagnostics as well as the latest treatment solutions and survey techniques used within the industry.

The other half of the seminar covers the different identification techniques used for wood-rotting fungi, focusing on wet rot and dry rot. The main talking points include the pre-condition environment needed for wood rotting fungi, the life-cycle, the latest treatment of fungal decay with fungicides and new survey methods, including the use of dry rot sniffer dogs to detect the early signs of rot.

The seminar concludes with the variety of treatment options using resin and structural repairs techniques available for the repair of affected timber.

Arranging CPD seminars with Rentokil Property Care

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