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Woodworm Treatment & Damp Proofing in London

Rentokil Property Care provides specialist woodworm treatment and damp proofing in London and the surrounding areas. With over 60 years worth of property preservation experience we have gained industry leading expertise. Our highly trained surveyors and technicians are extremely knowledgeable and able to deliver the best possible woodworm, rot or damp solutions in London.

Discovering issues in your home or business, that can potentially lead to structural problems can be very distressing, especially in today's busy properties. London’s dense and ever increasing population means there are properties from a number of different time periods; each with their own unique features. Our team of experts understand the unique preservation requirements of your home or business, and how different conditions and environments can affect the treatment needed.

Our London Property Care team of experienced technicians and surveyors are ready to safely deal with your woodworm and damp problems in a timely manner - we offer Londoners:

  • Fast Effective Treatments - targeted & appropriate for your situation 
  • Expert Advice - helping to prevent future property problems 
  • Highly Qualified Workforce - all surveyors throughout London are Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) or working towards their qualification

Woodworm Treatment in London

Woodworm is the general umbrella term used to describe the larvae stages of multiple wood-boring beetle species. These wood-boring beetles tend to lay their eggs during the months of April, all the way through to September - causing infestations which, if untreated, may pose a serious risk to the structures of buildings.

Damp Proofing in London

It can be extremely difficult to identify the signs of damp without professional assistance. If you do manage to spot any physical damage to the walls or floors of your property, then there may be a possibility that you have a damp problem. Our London based surveyors are experts when it comes to identifying current and potential future damp problems areas; meaning they are able to recommend you with tailored solutions for damp proofing your property.

We understand how distressing property issues can be; that is why our team of specialists are here to help. Damp repair in London comes second nature to us at Rentokil, guaranteeing you a damp free property for many years to come.

What is Damp Proofing?

Discover the importance of damp proofing and remedial damp treatments.

How To Get Rid of Damp?

Do you think you have damp? Get expert help and advice.

Types of Damp Treatment in London

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible damp treatments for all property owners. 

Rentokil Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment and PCA accredited technicians can effectively treat all types of damp problems in your property using innovative damp treatment methods; also protecting against any type of damp in the future.

Rising Damp in London

Damp in buildings is often caused by defects that are nothing to do with breakdown of a damp proof course. These defects allow moisture to raise up through your London property, often bringing groundwater salts, contaminants and other pollutants with it. This is often a slow process and many property owners may not know they have an issue for a number of years.

Our London rising damp specialists couple their knowledge of the local area and property preservation expertise with the latest equipment and technology to ensure your problem is remedied.

Basement Waterproofing in London

In need of extra storage or living space? Basement waterproofing and tanking is the perfect way to achieve this. Rentokil Property Care can offer you a solution to prevent any basement from being affected by rising damp, penetrating damp & even flooding in the London area.

Condensation in London

Condensation occurs when high levels of humid air are trapped within the structure of a building poor ventilation does not allow this moisture to escape. The moisture then begins to condense when it comes into contact with colder surfaces such as windows or walls; eventually leading to the growth of mould.


Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Wet Rot & Dry Rot

Many buildings in the London area are open to suffering from some form of Wood Rot damage; may that be old, historic buildings or even more recent, modern apartments and houses. The two key types of fungal decay, which can lead to structural damage to buildings are Wet Rot and Dry Rot.

Main Causes & Signs of Rot

We're sure you're wondering why you might be experiencing such a distressing form of property damage - well don't worry, this issue is common in the London area, but it is important to get both forms of fungal decay diagnosed and treated quickly . First of all, the fundamental cause of both types of rot (even dry rot) is in fact, large amounts of moisture in timbers. The wood destroying fungus feed off this moisture allowing further growth and damage to the fabric of your building in the process. We all know London is thought to be one of the rainiest cities on the planet so it's expected for some buildings to experience one of the types of wood rot. The quicker you can spot the signs, the more efficiently further damage can be stopped.

London Property Care Reviews

We understand the difficultly of coming to an informed decision when choosing property care services in the London area. Our experience in dealing with all types of London property care damage means we have many satisfied customers who are happy to tell you all about their positive experiences with us.

Costs and Prices?

Due to the huge variety of houses, apartments and commercial buildings in and around London, each property care issue will differ from the next. There are multiple factors that can ultimately affect the final price of a service/ treatment, for example; 

  • The type of service 
  • Size of the treatment area 
  • Size of the overall property 
  • Number of treatments needed

London Property Care FAQ's

  • DIY solutions for Property Care in London?

    Our recommendation to ensure the best possible removal and / or eradication of your particular property damage in London, would always be that you seek professional help from trained and qualified experts. Not only are most DIY products not as effective as specialist treatments performed by industry leading professionals, they are unlikely to come with a long-term guarantee for both the products used and the work carried out.

  • Do you provide free quotes?

    Many of our homeowner surveys are free, however for certain London services, such as pre-purchase surveys, and condensation we do charge for our expertise. In some locations in London there may also be a charge for surveys, however our customer services team will always fully explain the costs involved to you, before confirming your appointment.

  • What are your opening times?

    Our opening times are: 

    Mon - Fri

    08:45am - 17:00pm

    You can contact us on 020 3733 1185 or you can fill out our contact form here.

  • Where in London do you cover?

    Due to the fact that we are a nationwide company, our Property Preservation treatments and solutions are available throughout the entire Greater London region. Our Property Care surveyors and technicians operate across all London Boroughs including Lewisham, Barnet, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Ealing, Harrow, Islington, Hounslow and Camden. In fact whether you are based in North, East, South, West or Central London we are on hand to solve any Property damage you may be experiencing. Please get in touch with us today.