Decomposing decaying rodent body with associated stench in sepia

Rodent Odour Control

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Rodent Odour Control

We offer a number of highly effective rodent control solutions, suitable for a variety of premises and customers. However one of the risks of carrying out such pest control, is that once the rodent has consumed rodenticide it may expire in an inaccessible location (such as a cavity wall or under floors) with the building.  

Our Rodent Odour Control service uses unique scenting cubes (specially developed by Ambius) to mask the odours associated with rodent activity, particularly the smells generated by a dead rat or mouse, concealed in a hard-to-access void. The unpleasant odour may remain for several weeks as they decompose. It may also be extremely difficult to locate the dead rodent without cutting holes in walls or raising floors - which isn't always a practical or viable solution.

Discreet and long lasting scenting

The discreet Ambius cubes are highly effective, due to the small droplet size of the scent released, which means it stays in the air for longer rather than falling to the floor. Unlike most commercial air fresheners, scent emitted from the Ambius cube behaves like a vapour and can remain in the air for up to four hours at a time.

The aesthetically pleasing scenting cube is appropriately positioned within the area of the property that is generating the odour problem, at the start of the rodent riddance work and is them removed after the treatment is complete.

Benefits of odour control for your business

    • Cost effective - masks bad odours without having to cut holes in walls or lift floorboards. Both of which can be disruptive & expensive
    • Discreet & efficient - smaller droplets act like a vapour and remain in the air for up to four hours at a time
    • Peace of mind - protecting your reputation from the negative implications of bad odours.

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