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Rat Control for Businesses

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Rat Control for Businesses

Any business can face a rat problem. For some businesses though (which serve or handle food) a rat infestation can have major health and safety implications. Rats can present a serious fire risk to your company by gnawing through cables wherever they find them. Only a robust, professional rat control programme can provide reassuring protection from the risk of rats on your premises.

Rat Control Service Solutions for Business

Our pest control service plan starts with a FREE business site survey. This inspection is critical to allow us to provide a tailored solution, which can control your rat problem efficiently and discreetly.

    • Quick response - guaranteed 24 hour response (Monday to Friday) to your enquiry.
    • FREE Business site survey - essential to be able to assess full level of infestation and identify your invading rat species.
    • BPCA certified Surveyors - with sector specific expertise able to recommend a bespoke solution for even high risk areas, such as food processing sites.
    • BPCA certified Technicians - have expert knowledge, are experienced in regularly servicing multiple sites and carry out thousands of rat job treatments on an annual basis.
    • Legislation expertise - we will ensure our targeted treatments comply with all health and safety regulations to ensure your business can continue to operate.
    • Rodenticide expertise - our effective range of rat baits are distributed by our tamper-resistant bait stations, designed and built in-house to our highest specifications.
    • On-going recommendations - we will make regular follow-up visits until your problem is solved, and we can offer further support through our unique online reporting system - myRentokil.
    • Rodent Odour Control - when appropriate, using unique scenting cubes to effectively mask smells associated with rodent activity, including the strong odour of decomposing rodents hidden in unaccessible voids.

Professional Rat Control Treatments

To ensure you can continue to operate your business successfully, professional treatments are the best option. It is the only way you can guarantee complete removal of your rat infestation and provide for long-term prevention.

Call Rentokil free on 0800 917 1989 if you’ve noticed any of the tell-tale signs of rats such as concentrated areas of droppings or gnawed cables.

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