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Mouse Monitor Unit

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Mouse Monitor Unit

Our innovative Mouse Monitor Unit (MMU) provides early, accurate detection of mice in your business. The MMU uses advanced infra-red sensor technology, which is ideal for use in sensitive areas where the use of rodenticides could be an issue.
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Detection and Monitoring

Early detection provided by the MMU is critical to ensure a small mouse problem can be quickly controlled before it turns into a major threat to your business operation.

As a non-toxic mouse monitoring system, it is suitable for sensitive areas and businesses where there are heavy restrictions on the use of more conventional methods such as rodenticides.

In fact, the MMU can be used anywhere that conventional bait boxes are not allowed.

Businesses Which Could Benefit Include

How Mouse Monitoring Works

Each unit has an entrance at each end, to allow mice to run through it. As the mouse breaks two consecutive infra-red beams, it activates the flashing warning light. Once triggered the unit will continue to flash until a Rentokil Technician checks and resets the unit.

From the MMU the Technician can identify the time the unit was activated. The information gained from the MMU helps the Technician to advise on the most targeted and effective form of pest control treatment. The potential for a mouse infestation always exists, so constant vigilance is essential.

The Rentokil Mouse Monitor Unit offers peace of mind through constant monitoring, ensuring minimum use of rodenticides.

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